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Spot on Liver

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I was wondering if anyone has heard of Neulasta or Neupegen shots causing cysts or lesions on the liver. I am currently going thru the regimen for colon cancer and I was on treatment 9 out of 12 when we found this on CT scan after I had a bout with pancreatitis. Just wondering, I thought that I had read something about this but I can not find it now.
Dimples2 (Pamela)

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Hi Pamela,

I don't know about it causing cysts on the Liver but I just wanted to send you a HUG. It sounds like they are sure it is only a cyst? I know from others here they have had a scare about mets and found out is is only a cyst. I'm sure others will chime in soon. Take care and keep us posted.

Lisa F.

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i did have neulasta shots during my treatment, however not sure if it causes cysts or not. sorry im not much help, god bless you and i will be praying for you.


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During my treatments of FLOFOX I had one shot of Neulasta which made my heart rate race to 155, so I discontinued and never took another. I don't know about cysts. I would recommend speaking with your Onc doc, primary Doc, etc. to get their opinions.

Sending hughes and kisses

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