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hair loss

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I have advanced cervical cancer and I am currently receiving topetcan in addition to cisplatin as my chemotherapy drugs. My doctor told me that although hair loss is one of the side effects, I should respond as I have in the past to my other chemo treatments (cisplatin alone). Well 2 weeks into my treatment and my hair is coming out in clumps and the term "shedding" is no longer the situation. Does anyone know for sure wether or not I will lose it completely?

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Posts: 12
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Dear Jose,
Thank you for responding. Its been several months since I have logged on... unfortunatley, I have lost all of my hair. Fortuantely, ,my treatment is working. I belive it is all worth it . The drs have told me that the tumors have decreased in size and I am now continuing on with further treatment. I know that there is hope I belive that everyday. Again, thank you for the information!

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i know you were going thru treatment in November, but i hope its not too late to reply to your question. I had the cisplatin in October "06". 5 treatments. I never lost my hair. During the time i also had 25 radiations and 3 internal radiations. I Never lost my hair. My Husband told me that God new i couldn't handle that! I got flu-like sick at the end of treatment and noticed shedding; but never lost hair. I also have always had thinner hair than others. I hope you are doing good! God answers prayers!! he pulled me thru it! Now, i go for paps every 3 months. This treatment started at the end of September after my hysterectomy! Not a day i wake up that i don't think about it!! I promised God that if he got me thru it, that i would be there for others. Please write back and let me know how you are! God bless you!

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i was diagnosed mar.19 2008 with cervical cancer stage 2b. it sounds like we both went through the same treatments. just finished last treatment last tuesday although i didnt have any surgery done. i am new to this network and am still do not know if someone replies to my message do i have to go on the same message board to read it? please let me know my email address is msgns33@aol.com, my name is cindy and i am 35 yrs old. I hope all is well and i too promised god the same thing!!!

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