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Joined: Jul 2005

Hi all,in july o5 i was dxed with nslc. They staged it 2b thinking it was contained and said they would remove right lung. During surgery they also removed seventeen lymph nodes which they said 2 had been effected. I just wondered if i would have still been staged 2b if they would have known about the lymph nodes also. Since my surgery my 3 month chest xrays have all looked good and I feel good. I hope and pray it stays that way. Thank you all very much for being here.

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Joined: Feb 2006

You know what? Don't get too caught up in the staging. This will sound sort of flippant, and I don't mean it to, but "who cares"? ALL THAT MATTERS IS THAT YOU ARE DOING SO WELL.

My Mom was diagnosed a year ago with inoperable/incurable Stage IIIB, which some doctors would have considered Stage IV. She's is still with us, doing pretty well, all things considered. I'm grateful for this last year we've had, and hope to have many more with her.

It all comes down to faith, having a positive attitude, and a good medical team. It's wonderful that you're feeling well and doing well after having your lung removed-- please realize in itself what an AMAZING thing it is that you can say that! :-)

You'll be in my thoughts and prayers. To me, staging doesn't matter. PEOPLE DO.

My best to you!

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I never get tired of saying this. I am an 8 yr stage 4 lung cancer survivor. I had a lobectomy, chemo and radiation. Here I am....healthy. We were in the chat room yesterday and I hope I helped. Your grandchildren are lucky to have you and I know the future holds only good things. Positive thinking is what keeps me going. Keep up the good attitude. Karen

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Reinstones is absolutely right! Concentrate on how well you are doing, not on "what if". I'm another "inoperable/incurable" who has just passed five years out from surgery. Lung cancer free! Just follow the doctor's instructions. Have faith in him/her. And have faith in your ability to survive this. You have been through the worst, so now, work hard at getting well.
Please keep us posted.

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Don't worry about the staging. I was stage IIIb by one doctor and stage IV by another. I was also inoperable/incurable. I have been cancer free since November 2005.

Stay positive,


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Great news that you're feeling better. My father just had the same surgery you had one week ago. Now he's complaining that his feet are sore and has developed a slight skin rash on his chest. I was wondering if you expirenced anything like that after your surgery?

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hi hbrob,i had no rash but i had trouble with my feet and ankles swelling.I dont know if it was from the surgery or the chemo tho,I wish you and your Dad the best.

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