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Miralax caution

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I saw my gastroenterologist today about my upcoming colonoscopy and asked about Miralax (which has been mentioned here) for prep. He said no, because Miralax in the concentration required to clear the colon has been found to be slightly toxic, causing neuropathy. I asked for a reference, and he said the research had been done by Paul Horgan of UCLA. (That might not be the right name -- I've found only a Kevin Horgan at UCLA while looking for a more precise reference.)

He said he would prescribe OsmoPrep (pills), though. Unfortunately, I can't find any here in Honolulu, so it's back to phospho-soda for me, I guess.

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I have taken Miralax twice this year for colonoscopies and had no neuropathy. My husband took it once for a colonoscosopy this year and had no problems either. Our gastroenterologist is in Kansas City. Maybe prescribing Miralax a Midwestern thing.

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Thanks for the info, my dear. And to you, also, Joy for sharing! I am out of range till May 2007, so we will see what's what then....knowing my record, if there IS a side effect, I'll get it!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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It's chemical name-Polyethylene Glycol..is enough to put me off..sounds more like anti-freeze..

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