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Cat scan results - advice please.

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Findings: There is unchanged ill defined soft tissue stranding in the presacral space,presumably post surgical or post radiation in nature, No abnormal mass is noted in the anatomotic region at the sigmoid/rectum region.
No lymphadenopathy detected throughout.
Unchanged hepatic cysts. No new hepatic lesions.

There is a non specific 1 cm subpleural nodule within the right upper hemithorax, which may be lung parencgyma. There is presumed atelectasis in the posterior aspect of right upper lobe. There are a few scattered irrgular linear/small nodular opacities within the periphery of both lungs, probably longstanding.

No definite evidence of recurrent/metastatic didease within the chest, abdomen or pelvis.
Presumed chronic changes within Lung parenchyma as well as nonspecific subpleural module in the right upper hemithorax.

Suggest short term three month scan followup of the thorax.

SHOULD I BE SCARED????? Onc says it is probably nothing to worry about however I can't help but worry.

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Sounds like good news to me. Be happy.


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Sounds good to me as well.


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Hi Joyce -

Radiology reports are always difficult to read, but this doesn't sound like cancer to me and thus also sounds like good news. Email me on this site if you want to hear more of my story. But this doesn't sound like bad news.

Taek care,


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Enjoy the good report!!


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"No" and "Unchanged" and "no new" sound good to me!!!!

Any victory is a strike against the beast!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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I appreciate your post...'Cuz we are in the same fishing boat. I have a nodule as well in my lung - but I am told that many, many nodules are benign. One of my lesions in my liver could have increased in size, or it could be the slide or radiologist. So, another scan in three months for me as well to confirm pro or con. Nothing is horrible, but still I worry.
How about we both try to enjoy Thanksgiving and take really good care of ourselves? All the best to you. There is no bad news...Just keep rereading the comment: "No definite evidence of recurrent/metastic disease...."
Sounds really good to me! Take care - Maura

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It all sounds good to me.

I also have some soft tissue mass in my presacral space. It has remained un changed and was negative on a pet scan. They think it is scar tissue.

Maybe a pet scan would put your mind at ease.

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Pet scans are almost unheard off in Canada. They are not covered by our health system.There is only one "private" Pet Scan facility approx 300 miles away. This would cost me $2,500 and then I would have to find a radiologist who would be able to read the results.

I'm heading to Florida for the winter (could get a Pet done there) but I have decided to fly home to Canada for a week in February and get a repeat Cat Scan.

I really trust my onc Doc and think it would be better for me to stick with the doc that knows my medical background.

The air fare home to Canada would be cheaper than getting a Pet or Cat done in the U.S.

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sounds like good results to me, try not to worry until there is good evidence to. god bless you and enjoy the good news.

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It sounds like a good report. There will probably always be some material in the sacral area from the surgery. A PET scan could perhaps give more information but you should be safe waiting the 3 months. We will be going down to Naples too in Msrch. Warm it up for us please.


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