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chronic coughing

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Has anyone with metastatic rectal cancer out there had an ongoing cough with lots of phelem? Mark has had a cough for awhile that has taken a turn for the worse. Any comments welcome. Thanks.

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Hi and nice to hear from you..I've been thinking about you and Mark...my husband went through a few spells with a cough and lots of phlegm..so much so that at times it would just drip out of his mouth...someone told me that if it wasn't a cold it could be catargh (sluggish liver)..has Mark started new chemo yet?..if not perhaps milk thistle may help in the meantime.
Positive thoughts are with you.

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Silly question, did Mark tell his onc? It might be nothing but you shouldn't wait to tell a doc because of low immune system during chemo. Tell us how he is. Take care.

Lisa F.

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Mark told one of his oncologists about the cough(he's got two from two different hospitals). She prescribed anti-biotics for a sinus infection suspecting that would do the job. She calls from time to time to see how he's doing (this is sweet - she's so swamped so I'm impressed she takes the time. On the other hand, my suspicious mind wonders if there's something more serious she's not letting on about). Last time she called (three days?) he mentioned the cough was still there after the ten days of anti-biotics. She didn't have an answer - just said if his temperature goes up he must go to the emergency room (recent drop in WBC. All's okay in that department for the moment).

He sees oncologist #2 tomorrow, I hope, during/after chemo. Hopefully I'll make it there on time to see the doc so I can find out what's going on. He has good doctors but they are so overwhelmed in the County Health system.

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Does Mark have lung mets? I do, and have had an oveproduction of mucus-(no cough)for ablut two years. I use an OTC product called Guaifenesin which works quite well It's an expectorant.
contact Pro Health @immunesupport.com, or you can buy it at Costco, or anyhhere as Musinex Ask your
doctor.. Bud

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