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Alternative to hysterectomy?

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I was diagnosed with HSIL in Aug 1, had the colposcopy and 3 biopsys, had the LEEP Oct 19 where the margins were positive and I was told carcinoma in situ and that it was agressive, my next step is conization in Dec (which i am very nervous about as i have never been hospitalized at all) and then I was told that the next step would be a hysterectomy. Is it just me or is this insane? How can i go from normal to loosing everything? I am only 29. Another doctor told me of a rare procedure that just removes the cervix and then I could still have children if I wish. Has anyone had this done or even heard about it? I don't understand why doctors rush into removing it all. Thanks,

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I would definitely push for answers and not give in to what you are being told until you are satisfied with the answers you are getting. I have uterine cancer, but was told the same thing originally (hysterectomy)... mine is slow growing, hopefully not spread, but lets remove EVERYTHING! I am now having a d&c followed by hormone/drug therapy to save my fertility. I was told initially that there was no way until they removed everything to tell if it was spread. Since I opted for this treatment though I had an MRI to determine just that. Never give up hope and fight for your right to know everything you need to to make your choice!

Hope this helps!

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