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urine infection/enzymes Hi

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Hi !!
I have an urine infection that wont go away...and my liver enzymes where pretty high...Anything I can do lower it ? I don't want miss any of my chemo sessions...
Thanks !

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OK, dear, please control your laughter....have you tried cranberry juice? I solved some pretty heavy infections with this, taken along with meds sometimes, sometimes not....

I am so sorry that you have such a full plate!

Hugs, Kathi

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I was also going to suggest cranberry juice. You may also need a course of antibiotics, if you haven't done that already. I don't have any great advice for liver enzymes -- mine got elevated too. I understand not wanting to miss a chemo session but please don't be discouraged if you face a delay. It happens, and my understanding is that it needed affect the effectivenss of the treatment. Best wishes.

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Big cranberry juice drinker myself. I don't like the ENORMOUS amount of sugar which you find in the commercial cranberry juice, so I buy organic berries and juice it myself along w/ some carrots, apples and grapes. Love the stuff. One of my all time favorites.

I was also on milk thistle, which I think helped. You can read up on this from the Sloan Kettering site at http://www.mskcc.org/mskcc/html/69303.cfm. There's a quite a bit of evidence of it helping the liver, kidney as well as general antitumor functions.


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Sounds like the girls have hit the nail on the head - cranberry juice.

Add to that mix LOTS of water and, if you drink sodas, cut them out completely. One other thing - and it's a little bit personal, but since we're all friends here - natural skin condoms (I heard that from a guy I know...).

Have you discussed this issue with your onc? One thing to consider is that certain types of CRC can met to the bladder/kidneys/ureters. Not trying to scare you, just want to be sure you have that info so you can follow up with it if you think it's necessary.

And by the way, add a little vodka to that cranberry juice and I'm sure the al-kee-haul will help kill the little buggers, too!


- SB

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I agree with the others. Cranberry juice. Try to find the "light" ones if you do processed. Also you can get them at places like Trader Joes and Whole Foods. Also I heard that lemon juice helps cleanse the liver. I just take some water and squeeze a lemon in. I think it tastes great. You can even warm it like tea. You might want to put some sweetner in. HUGS and hope it goes away.

Lisa F.

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Hi. Well, I am a primary care doc. The studies show that cranberry juice doesn't do anything more than water, but I have MANY patients that swear by it. Like Ying said, avoid the sugar overload - try finding an organic version without added sugar. And, drink tons of water.

See your doc and get some antibiotics. Don't let the infection get out of control, especially if you are on chemo.

My nutritionist gave me this green drink to help "clean out the liver". I don't know if I believe in it, but I drink it. It has kelp, spirulina, etc in it.
Avoid lots of sugar, it is refined and processed - and doessn't do the body good. :)

Good luck. jana

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I had a period of time that I had frequent UTI's. Stange that the onset of them was when we moved into a townhouse and they stopped when we moved out. If your MD hasn't alreay told you these things, try them.

First, if you are not on an antibiotic, please go to your MD to get one ASAP. These can develop further into Kidney infections and hospitalize you. If the first antibiotic isn't working, find another.

Maybe Jana can answer if she reads this again: How does cranberry juice rank for prevention? I have read (and experienced) great results in preventing them by drinking cranberry juice.

Don't forget to drink tons of water. This will also help with the discomfort.

Sorry, I don't remember if you are male or female so maybe this doesn't apply... wipe front to back and always use new tissue if you need to re-wipe.

Always urinate after sex.

If all else fails, insist on further testing and seek our a urologist (sorry if i didn't spell that right).

I can't remember the scan I went through, but it tracked all of the urinary route to see of there were any problems.

Good luck and try not to be too discouraged. I know it is hard when facing a delay in chemo, but this too shall pass (and hopefully quickly).

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