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Recovery from colon resection

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Hi. I had a colon resection with about 12 or so inches removed in the sigmoid area two weeks ago and am now recovering. There is a constant feeling that I need to have a bowel movement but little actually happens. Do the bowel movements become solid again and slow down to a few a day? I am on leave from teaching and need to know what to expect from the recovery.

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I am following babs211 in all of my messages lol.

My cancer was also in the same area of yours. I really have no idea how much colon I lost, just that it was in the sigmoid, but was a small tumor (polyp) removed at colonoscopy.

I went through almost exactly what you are going through with the urge and pain with little result. Your situation is apt to be a little different, but it does get better. I remember that I was so afraid to eat because of how bad it felt afterward. I literally ate as little as I could to keep myself going. Wish I could say the same now, lol!

In my case, the bowel movements became solid (sometimes too solid during chemo) and slowed down to a few a day. Things really didn't start looking normal until after chemo, though. And still, I remind myself of an 80 year old woman who has to make sure she drinks her prune juice every day to be regular. If I eat poorly, I know it. Not enough fiber and fruits and veggies and I'm stopped up. Fried foods, or rich foods and I'm running for the porcelain caddy right away.

It may not be "normal" again. Just a new form of normal. You will find what works for you, I'm sure and things will be better.

I haven't heard of the book babs spoke about, but sounds worth picking up for a read.

Take care,


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I had 1 foot of sigmoid colon removed in Nov. 2005. Not only did I feel constipated, I really was. It was the worst at about 2 weeks post surgery. I went into after-hours care finally because I was scared that I had a bowel obstruction and they took an X-ray and it showed that I was constipated. They recommended taking a laxitive. The surgery and painkillers probably took their toll as I am a vegetarian and eat lots of fiber. I would recomend that you call your surgeon or doctor and get advise. Overall, I made a quick recovery and didn't run into any other problems. Good luck in your healing process and welcome to this site.

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