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just updating on my plateles

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Hi everyone,thanks for all your respnses from my last post, I went to get my chemo on Monday but my platelets count where still low, so I was re-schedule for yesterday, while awaiting for the lab work results, I was so anxious, that sent my blood pressure to 150,I wanted to have my chemo so badly, that went they told that I could stay for the chemo, it was like if I won a prize, I was so happy, the nurse told me that they have lowered the dose by 20% and I am going to have a shot for that called Neumega what I was thinking about is that if this wek chemo they already lowered the dose if they should wait to see if we can avoid the extra shot I am already with the Leunesta,thankfully with no side effects.Please fill free to answer,with your opinions. Thanks

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Congrats on getting the chemo - isn't it interesting? I feel the same way... it is our weapon. Makes our bodies feel weaker/sicker; but makes our mind and spirit feel strong.

Here is to your strength... in every aspect. Eat healthy and think healthy thoughts, your platelets will follow. The lower dose of chemo will help too. :)

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You made me laugh when you said you felt like you had won a prize! I remember feeling much the same way when they thought I had a UTI and were talking about not doing treatment. It turned out it wasn't a UTI so I was able to continue. I remember feeling so excited that I was allowed to get my treatment. You're right, Jana, it makes our bodies feel week/sick but makes the mind and spirit strong.


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