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Complex Hyperplasia, D&C soon

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I have recently been diagnosed with Complex Hyperplasia, (thickening of endoimetrium. It seems to be fairly advanced but the biopsy did not return any signs of atypia, or cancer. (Thank God) My doctor now wants me to have a D&C to take a larger sample for biopsy to rule out cancer. I have never had a D&C and do not know anyone who has. Is there a lot of pain afterward? Does it make you weak? I am already anemic from the hyperplasia and struggle with being tired all the time. Not to mention being worried. Any one who can offer advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Hi Essie,
I had a D&C about 18 months ago. It was done on an out patient basis at the hospital, I had light anesthesia...enough to put me out, but not heavy or for very long. I was in the operating room about 20-30 minutes, in recovery about 30 minutes, then home to sleep it off the rest of the day.

I went shopping with my daughter the next day! I did have some bleeding...light...for about 3 days but not really any memorable pain. My doctor also did the hysteroscopy where everything is examined before the scraping, with a microscope to look for anything abnormal.

The D&C is a good idea to rule out cancer. Biopsy only removes a small sampling of tissue. The D&C is more thorough.

Have you talked to your doctor about iron supplements for your anemia? I did have to have a hysterectomy because I did have cancer and took prescription iron for 3 or 4 months afterward. I take a multi-vitamin now and feel fine. Ask for something like Xanax to get you through the test and waiting period for your nerves. It's for anxiety, is not addictive and you only take it when you really feel worked up, but it doesn't knock you out like some pills can. I can only take 1/2 of the lowest dose. They are very calming.

Good luck to you in the next days or weeks...sounds like you have a great doctor!

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I had a D&C and hysteroscopy yesterday and I feel fine today. The worst part was waiting around at the hospital because my doctor got tied up in the surgery before mine. I would recommend asking your doctor about a hysteroscopy. Everything I've read says that the hysteroscopy ensures that your doctor can see and biopsy any suspicious looking areas. The D&C is kind of blind by itself. In my case, she had to do the hysteroscopy because I the ultrasound had shown a polyp - there were actually two removed yesterday.

Good luck to you! Don't worry about this procedure, it really is a piece of cake. I've already stopped bleeding - less than 24 hrs later.

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