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Does anyone have any experience with this drug?
I start it today in combination with Avastin, and was wondering if anyone has experienced side effects. Bud

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Hi Bud,

It is so good to hear from you. You were so missed in Halifax. I remember that I saw an article a while back about its success in clinical trials. I pray that it will be successful for you, Bud! You owe me a dance in Nashville.



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Hi Bud,

I just googled the chemo and here is what I found.

The most common side effect of treatment with panitumumab was an acne-like rash. Other, less common side effects were fatigue, nausea, and mild diarrhea.

This sounds almost like Erribux (sp?) that Rodney was on. What did your onc say? Good luck and nice to hear from you.

Lisa F.

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Yes, that's right, I was on Erbitux. I haven't had it since mid-April and I STILL have the rash (although nothing like it was several months ago) and I even had a recurrence after being told that having the rash means the drug is working. I have heard that Panitumumab is much better about the rash because Erbitux is made from mouse proteins and Panitumumab is made from human proteins. I don't know if that is the whole story, but it's what I overheard at an outpatient infusion clinic.

I'd be very interested to hear about your experiences.


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This drug works the same way as Erbitux and the most common side effect is a rash. The rash can be uncomfortable, for sure, but keeping your skin hydrated as well as your entire body does seem to help. If the rash gets severe, an antibiotic can help. Hopefully, you won't get a grade 3 or 4 rash.

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I asked if it was an option for me and was told that it is a sister drug of erbitux, so wouldn't be helpful for me, since erbitux did nothing. Except give me a rash. Makes sense that the most common side effect would be the rash. Good luck with that!

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I know nothing about that drug. I did, however, use that word in scrabble, and BOY did that RACK up the points!!!!

Hope this gave you at least a litle smile!!!



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Thanks for the comments guys..this drug is so new the nurses didn't know about it either. Onc seems tothink it will help prolong things, possibly enough for P-5. I'll definitely try it in scrabble..I'm a scrabbleaddict. bud

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I, too, am a scrabble junkie! I'll bring my deluxe scrabble board to Nashville next Oct and we'll have a total blast, Bud!

Have a great weekend!


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Sorry Bud, this is one drug I have not experienced, but as others have said it is supposed to be very similar to Erbitux.

Good luck with this regimen. Let us know how you are doing. Are you back in Utah??


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I never heard of the drug but wanted to say HELLO!

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Hi Sue: Love and hugs, Bud

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Keep us posted on how you are doing with this drug. Our oncologist thinks it is fantastic. My husband hasn't gone on it yet as his liver spots are stable, not growing, not shrinking. We feel great knowing that we have panitumumab in our pocket for an emergency. My hubby has not done erbitux, we were just waiting on panitumumab to get approved. I know the rash is horrid with this drug. I will pray the drug works awesome for you, it worked great for those in our clinic who got the drug in a trial.

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