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Thank you for Advise

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Thanks to all of you who responded to our thread "New & Need Advise", thanks for your prayers, time, and responses (don't know how to write on a current thread yet:( We can't wait to use our new vocabulary words "NED"!
My husband is scheduled to have a CT/ Biopsy next week on the 1st as surgeon says it's "the best option". We read all the messsages and are blown away and encouraged by the number of survival years for so many of you folks. You are all in our prayers.
One quick question..spouse complaining of cold right shoulder ( port side)that has lasted for 5 days now after his 4th oxi tx ...anyone else have that problem? Does is it get worse with each treatment?
Thanks again in advance.

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Hi Changing!
Knew I would see you here! (Both in chat room last night). I did not have a port for my chemo so I am afraid I can't help you with that. But many, many people here must have had that same problem. Take care. Feel free to email me if you wish. Peace

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Hi Changing,

Cold is a reaction to the oxiplatin. I have never had it localized before. Does it hurt too? I had what felt like a muscle pull in the shoulder where my port is and found out it was a blood clot. You should call your onc and tell him/her. I was cold all over after treatments and had to dress warmer. I still need to do that sometimes. Tell him to drink lots of water too. That flushes the chemo out of his system faster. Good luck and tell us what is found.

Lisa F.

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I have the port in the right upper chest and have not had any reaction in the shoulder. I do have the cold intolerance in the hands and feet, esp the hands (and unfortunately live in Minnesota-can't wait for 20 below). Have the surgeon check the port to make sure it is draining down the jugular and not retrograde back down the arm.

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Thanks for the imput. We will talk to MD next week.He really has a problem drinking anything for the first week...but he's trying. Thanks for your prayers too... we really covet them.

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