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CP4 ~ Stacys Days Of Our Lives Video

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Lisa Rose
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Joined: Mar 2003

Hi Everyone,

On the opening night of CP4 we did a dedication to Stacy Gleason to celebrate her 5 years cancer free. My son Andrew made it and I hope you all enjoy it. Also Andy & I did a video of our lives just to share some of our past and to have some good laughs.

Stacys Days Of Our Lives

24 Years Looking Back

To watch this these videos on a larger scale just double click on the picture ( video )

We will have a CP4 video in a few days for everyone to enjoy. See you all at CP5


Lisa Rose

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Posts: 1249
Joined: Mar 2003

I'm just glad you took out the nude ones....lmao

Andrew is amazing!


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Joined: Mar 2003

Stacy is beautiful! Congratulations on your survivor anniversary. And Andrew is so talented. Thanks for sharing!!

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Joined: Jun 2006

Will look at it, hope to get to one in the future. Does anyone know where CP5 will be.

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What a nice tribute. Stacy was one of the first who I "met" on this website. I remember thinking that if she could make it through all this, maybe I can too. She was sooo young, but Stacy has been such an inspiration on this site.

Stacy, Congratulations on reaching such a milestone. You are where we all want to be.


StacyGleaso's picture
Posts: 1249
Joined: Mar 2003


You are so kind! I hope you can make the Palooza that is in the works for next year. I'll be posting more information on it later today as I want to put in as many details about it as possible. I am so happy when people who have been on this site for a while continue to be heard and post to prove to others that we can whip this disease.

All my best to you,


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