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Stopping Chemo treatment

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I have decided to stop my FOLFOX 6 treatments, I have had 8 of 12 scheduled treatments. My counts have been giving me problems especially my Platelets. I have been feeling bad the whole 2 weeks between treatments and I feel that my body has had enough. I was diagnosed Stage 4 on Oct. 12th, 2005 and was given 12 to 18 months to live as it was also in my liver. I had lower resection March 7th 2006 and then liver resection on may 17th 2006. I go today at 2PM for blood work and to talk to my oncologist about my decision. I had a cat scan in August that showed no signs of the cancer. What do you think? Has anyone else stoped at 8 treatments? Hugs to you, Audrey

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Hi Audrey,

I am stage 3 colon cancer with one node. I had to stop my treatments of folfox after 9 treatments. My counts were a problem (platelets, wbc, and enemic). I also had problems with sugars since I'm diabetic and neuropathy in hands and feet. I felt my body was saying enough. This is a very tough decision to make. My onc was ok with my decision. I would say you have to weigh a few things. The results of your blood work, how you feel and what your onc says. Only you can make this decision. I would say you need to do what you are comfortable with. With me, I'm happy that I made this decision and believe whole heartedly that I made the right decision for me. HUGS.

Lisa F.

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I had 12 rounds of folfox 6. Not fun but when you get to the last few rounds you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.The last 4 rounds for me were no worse than the first 8. Counts will go back after you finish. If you are not having significant neuropathy problems I would try to hang in. Round 9 was probably-next to round 1-my best tolerated round. Good luck-finish it off while you have it down

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Congrats on beating the 12 - 18 months! I am newly starting chemo with stage 4 and at least 1 liver met. I can only image how hard it must be to fight for that long. I am not an expert but i do coach at a high level.I know one thing I used to preach to players was always finish strong. Anyone can start something but it takes courage and strength to finish. Only you know what's best and you have come so far. God bless you and have faith in your decision

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My husband stopped his treatment after 10 rounds of Folfiri w/Avastin and then 5 of Folfox w/Avastin. The scan before he stopped showed no growth of the tumors (in his lungs) but no shrinkage either. He was MISERABLE on the chemo. He stopped treatment and is now feeling 100x better and his attitude is incredibly positive. His Sept. scan still shows no change in the tumors in spite of quitting chemo in June. Stopping chemo was a very hard decision, and certainly not for everyone, but he says he will never regret it!

I agree with the other responses - you have to do what is right for you - and have faith!

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Hey Audrey,
Well, I stopped at nine (of the scheduled 12). My body had taken enough. My liver counts were elevated, my body was pushing through pretreatments and having blood-pressure spikes and really bad side effects. I'll tell you this: from the bottom of my soul I knew I made the correct decision. I told my onc that if my bloodwork did not imporve, I would not have momre treatments. I sincerely have no regrets. I say this beause it comes at a time when you mightbe scared as well as feeling poorly. What I did was work like hell to clean out my liver and to regain my strength. I researched and ate really well and started a road of nutritional-therapy. If you have the inclination and the motivation, I know you will benefit. You have been through a lot. Hang in there, and if you need any support, please feel free to ask. You are not alone...There have been many who have stopped chemo early. It is hard stuff! I hope your appointment went really well and that you are resting...And, as far as anyone knows (or has told me) the number 12 for treatments is somewhat arbitrary...
Take care, Maura

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Well, this is a personal decision. It does sound like you really need a break from the chemo. Could you possibly stop for a few weeks and then finish the treatments? I guess your onc would be able to help you determine that. Also, you might want to consider doing some alternative things like supplements and diet changes. "Beating Cancer With Nutrition" is an excellent book to read. There are so many experts on this site that can help you with alternative things.

Let us know what you decide.


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