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Didn't Get a Cold

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Last fall my sister-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer and in March of this year I was diagnosed with colon cancer. The two of us were talking tonight about the nutrition class put on by the Touched by Cancer Foundation that we are going to attend on Saturday. She was talking about all the supplements she took, such as vitamin C. She said, "I didn't get a cold, but I got cancer!" We had a really good laugh. Hope this brightens your day.

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You've definitely got to laugh Joy! I was talking to a lady in the waiting room yesterday and I was telling her how about how upbeat all the people were that I meet in the chemo treatment suite - we all have a laugh and a joke (and we all know why we are there)

Laughter is definitely the best medicine!

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Thanks for the day brightener. I always tell my wife that I heal so well-have recovered from my surgeries quickly and without much problem. I only wish my body would fight off the cancer the same way.


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