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From Conization to Cancer?

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I am only 28 years old and finally got my life together by getting married and wanting to start a family.
I had an abnormal PAP on July 19,2006. The Dr. told me it was CIN III precancer in my cervix. I was referred out to a Gynocologist Oncologist to examine me. He preformed a Cold Knife Conization on August 30, 2006. I was nervous about that operation, but I did it. I continued to bleed for 1 and ½ weeks. On my follow-up visit, I was ready for the good news, but unfortunately the Dr. told me that I have Cancer. It was stage 1b-1. He said it is slow growing and he got most of it out and gave me the option of getting a hysterectomy. But, I will have to wait 6-8 weeks because I need to heal from the conization. Is it really slow growing? I have been having minor chest pains and want to believe it is due to stress. I am so nervous and scared. I will undergo a hysterectomy in October. Has anyone been through this?

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Hi, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in mid-July. Since I am older, I wanted all those female organs out...like yesterday. I had a radical hysterectomy four weeks after the conization. During that time, the stress level was so high that I thought I was having a heart attack! I had lots of symptoms, all of which went away after the surgery. If you have any questions about anything, and you have discussed this with your current oncologist, and still are nor satisfied, get a second opinion. Go to the best. I contacted a leading cancer center, Fred Hutchinson (Seattle) for a referral. Once you have the name of a GYN oncologist, call, explain your situation, and ask for an appointment. They will tell you what you will need to do (or bring with you) when you meet with the doctor. The very best of luck to you.

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I was diagnosed with stage 1B2 cervical cancer - the fast growing type - adenocarcinoma. When I had a radical hysterectomy and the pathology came back it showed that the cancer had spread to the lymph system. I had 5 weeks of radiation and 6 or 7 rounds of chemo. And, 4 1/2 years later I'm doing very well and enjoying life very much. Please let me know if there are any questions that I can try to answer for you.
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I just turned 32 years old. I also felt like I was toooo young to be diagnosed with cancer. Mine started with an abnormal pap. Then I had a LEEP procedure to remove the abnormal- precancerous cells. Wel, the biopsy came back as invasive cancer. I saw a gynecological oncologist and was diagnosed with cervical cancer, type 1B1. I got a 2nd opinion, well worth it. 6 weeks later I had a radical hysterectomy. The hospital stay and the recovery time was absolutely no fun but definately worth it. I am now cancer free. I will not need chemo or radiation. I will need to return to my oncologist every 3 months for 2 years for rechecks and every 6 months for 3 years after that. The recovery time from the hysterectomy was difficult but I made it through and you will too!

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I had a radical hysterectomy on Oct. 16th and am still recovering. The pathology report came back clean! No evidence of cancer. The Doctor told me that he removed it all with the conization, but recommended the hysterectomy because he wasn't sure if it had spread or not. Well I am 2 weeks in recovery and will not need chemo nor radiation! I am so happy to be cancer free too!!! I thank god everyday, I know he was the one who took it all away! This was extremely scary but has made me a stronger person and I will continue to help other women. Thank you for your reply. God Bless to all.

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