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Visit to Disney World

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My husband has incurable colorectal cancer with liver mets and insists upon us taking his 15-year-old to Disney World. This is very important to him so I am in full support. My only concern is helping him have a wonderful time without wearing him out or overdoing things. He is on Fentanyl Patch 100mg and Oxycodone for breakthrough pain. He has a colostomy and is handling it well. We have a wheel chair reserved as he won't be able to walk around as much as he would like. We are staying at Animal Kingdom thinking there might be more entertainment there in case he doesn't feel up to the parks sometimes. Also, it appeared to have a lot of shade. Does anyone have suggestions or ideas for making his visit the "best it can be" for him and his daughter? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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Call Disney World. Ask them. I did that for my disabled daughter at Disneyland. They were WONDERFUL. Beyond just the mechanical of a wheelchair. Explain his situation. Ask about a behind the scenes tour, if you think he would like it.
They don't call it the 'Happiest Place on Earth' for nothing. They REALLY try to help.

Hugs, from a mousekateer....

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Indy -

I have a very dear friend who is an executive with guest relations at Disney LAND in CA - drop me your e-mail address to my csn e-mail account and I will get with her and see what she would recommend for Disney World.

- SpongeBob

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You ROCK, Bob!!!! Always pays to know those in higher places, eh, Indy? I hope you guys have a great time and a very special memory in the making.

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I have sent an e-mail to you separately with information that I hope will be helpful to you.
Have a great time.
shorty 6

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