3rd delay in a row

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well, just back from the clinic and his plateletts are still too low for chemo..that is the third time in a row...very very discouraging since 3 weeks ago we got the news that his liver mets are shrinking then we are in limbo and can't continue his treatment (oxaliplatin/xeloda)...his Dr wan't there today (had just left orders to go ahead if plateletts were up) so not sure what his response will be...but has anyone out there been delayed 3 times???


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    I missed a couple weeks with my chemo, too. Have they considered neupogen or some form of supplement to help with his plateletts?
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    I've been delayed numerous times. Although I don't think there's great cause for concern when it happens infrequently, I can't help but wonder if that's why i haven't had good response to the chemo. My liver studies went up while on oaxli/5FU. For a good 4 months i was off of it more than i was on it.
    I don't think you need to worry yet, but I would definitely be asking about a back up plan if the platelets don't come up.
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    My husband's platelets stayed in the 50-59 range for most of his treatments. The onc. postponed 1 treatment and put him on 60mg of steroids a day for the remainder of his chemo (2-3 months).

    He said he would send him to the hospital for platelets if they did not stabilize. He was not all that concerned on the 50's (50,000). He told him they would do surgery at that level.

    Ask the onc about the steroids or transfusions. I don't know if the steroids helped, but they did not drop any lower than the 50's.

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    My husband went for his 6th Folfox/Oxyplatin treatment last week. His white platelets were low. The oncologist gave him the choice of waiting a week to see if they came up, or taking 3 neupogen shots the 3 days following his last day of treatment. We opted for the shots. The oncologist said the shots would almost certainly elevate the white count. Ask your oncologist; most cancer survivors don't like a delay like this; once into the program, they want to go full steam ahead and get through it. I understand your concern.
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    Hi Bev,

    I never missed a chemo treatment, but I did take some potent multivitamins and other natural supplements since my onc was not old fashioned about them like so many others are. I am very thankful for that. I do not think I would be anywhere as "healthy" as I am today had I not provided my body with some "support" during the chemo poisionings.

    Lisa P.
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    Is your husband taking any supplements? I have heard that there are some things out there that can help with the side effects of the chemo. I know that most oncs are opposed to this, but maybe you can look into this some more, possibly even contact a naturopathic expert. There has got to be a way to get those platelets back up. I know how frustrating this is for both of you, but keep the faith. Sounds like your husband is beginning to do well with this regimen despite the low platelets. You are both in my prayers.