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Newly Diagnosed at 46

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Hi I have been newly diagnosed with prostate cancer. My PSA went from 2.5 to 4 last year and was at 4.3 in June. The Free PSA in both cases was about 25 or 26.

After the last PSA test, they did a biopsy of 12 cores and 3 came out atypical but they could not say they were cancer.

A second biopsy on July 19th showed 1 core out of 12 with cancer. Gleason 3 + 3 . I am leaning towards having the Robotic Laproscopic Surgery and have had a consultation with one surgeon.

After thinking about it a little more carefully, I think I want to have a second pathologist look at my slides before having the surgery. I am going to try to get them to Epstein at Johns Hopkins. The reasoning behind this is that I had only 1 core out of 24 total taken that showed as cancer. It seems like having major surgery on the judgement of one person on one core is jumping the gun without getting a second opinion.

Does this seem logical to others on the board?

Any recommendations for surgeons in Atlanta?

Finally all this is out of pocket, I can do it but do have to manage things wisely.

Any experiences with medical toursism especially in Germany or France where they have lots of experience with Robotic Laproscopic Surgery? I had hernia surgery in the UK and it was cheaper by far. I unlike others do have faith in foreign doctors as long as they have sufficient experience (just like choosing a surgeon here).

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Sorry to hear of your diagnosis, but it seems like you did catch the cancer in earlier stages.
I think you will find this site very helpful in answering you questions and post-surgery support.

I think it would be VERY wise to have another set of eyes analyze your slides. I had my surgery in Nashville, as did a coworker, but I am sure there are competent surgeons in the Atlanta Area.

As for overseas, I have not heard any comments about surgeons in Europe, but from your postings you may hear something.

Best of luck, welcome to our board, and keep us posted on your decisions and progress.


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Hi Rob,
a second even 3 opinion is a great thing to do. Also have them look at both biopsy. If they even find just one cell that is cancer then your best bet is to get it out or treat it the best way possible. It will definitly make it better for a full and cancer free recovery. Best of luck with your journey.

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I think it would be wise to have another opinion.
I had a R/P in Atlanta at Emory University back in February of this year. Dr. Fray Marshall performed the surgery and thus far everything is well.
Dr. Marshall practiced with Dr. Patrick Walsh in Baltimore before acepting the Chief of Urology position at Emory University.
You can find additional information at the Emory University web site.

Good Luck,

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Hi Rob

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis.

As far as a second opinion you can pick up your slides and have them sent to another lab to verfy.
Had Da Vinci surgery at Pres Hospital in NY with Dr Tewari.
If you are comtemplating robotic surgery look up Da Vinci robotic surgery on the internet. You will most likely go to the MFGR website of the robotic machine in California and you can research every hospital that has the robotic machine and also research every doctor. Make sure you look at the completed number of surguries that each doctor has done. There are numerous articles mostly written by doctors that state the amount of surguries should be your paramount decision factor.
My PSA wa s 1.8 and 14 mths later is was 4.0 Biopsy showed 1 in 12 cores positive and was Gleason 6. Had surgery July 14 and have never leaked since the day the catheter was removed.
Waiting and hoping for errections to come back normally.
Best of Luck in your decision.

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I too had the Da Vinci in Feb 2006, was better than the lapro. I had 10 yrs ago for gall bladder. As mentioned before 1 of 12 is still cancer. You're young enough to get it taken care of sooner than later. Da Vinci is an overnight, it'd take longer just to get to Germany than have it done and go home from where you live. Good luck, welcome to the club. jj

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Can you please give me more info on Dr. Marshall?

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I am 56 and am considering retropubic surgery at Hopkins, surgeon would be Dr. Gonzalgo. Anyone experience surgery at Hopkins or with Gonzalgo and how are you doing? Thanks.

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