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My Daughter is 7 yrs old and was diagnosed on 05/12/06. Osteosarcoma was found on her right lower Tibia and right Illiam. She has finished her first half of chemo and we are now getting ready for surgery. The surgeon we have now says he will remove the entire right Iliam and not replace it with anything. His reason for this is that there could be further complications and that the Iliam bone is not "necessary". He did say that without adding anything after removing the ilium the hip joint would probably migrate up, but this was not a major concern.
We got a second opinion. This surgeon said he would remove the Iliam and probably place a bone strut for support.
Both surgeons did agree on the Tibia surgery. Most of my daughter's rt. tibia will be removed and replaced with bone from a bone bank. I was wondering if anybody has had a similar experience and may be able to shed some light on the situation.

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Hello, i am new on here...and saw what your going through. My daughter also had it on her tibia but on left leg. She was diagnosed oct 2004 and given 6 months..and is still here...in fact she just had a baby..its a miracle..but there are alot of complications..i have a lot to share...let me know i would love to chat

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my son had osteosarcoma on his right fibula. He had surgery to remove most of the fibula. The doctor did not replace it with anything and said that the Tibia will thicken and compensate for the missing bone. My son had his surgery 2 years ago and he is now running and playing soccer again-praise God! I hope this helps-let me know if you would like further information.

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