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Penile clamp

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I would like to know whether anybody has experience with penile clamp for incontinence after RLRP for prostate cancer.

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You may want to do a search on the CSN for this type of procedure. You can do this by entering the key work "penile clamp" in the search bar at the top of this page. If you find someone who has had this type of procedure, you can then contact them through the CSN internal email to see if they are interested in sharing their experiences.

Take care and be well,

CSN Dana

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I found them on a medical web site when I was looking for Osbon Pumps, frankly they look like they hurt.
Do your Kegels and be patient, I'm 6 months off surgery and wear very small slim panty liners for when I sneeze etc. jj

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My dad bought a penile clamp from a home health care. He wore it for about a month and gave it up. He said it cut off the feeling from the clamp down. It caused sores to develop around the clamp itself. He said he would never recommend it to anyone.

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I agree.I didn't even try the sample my urologist sent me.It is probably good for total incontinence.I have only very little stress incontinence after laproscopic RP.Thanks for the feed back.

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The best tool that ever helped my frustration from my continuous dripping, dribbling, squirting episodes of urinary incontinence after my robotic prostatectomy surgery since Sept. 21, 2016. Instruction nor illustrations nor YouTube won't show you how to use it but necessity and common sense did it. You can bend the clamp like a bow according to the degree of comfort or you can click the notches for tightness. 
I take the clamp off to relieve myself from discomfort.  I do my kegel exercises while and right after I pee or move my bowel, or while sitting down, while driving, or lying down. I take the clamp off when I go to sleep. I use to schedule to wake up every 2 hrs. in the morning to relieve myself. Now I just go to the bathroom once in the early morning.
I also found ways to deal with the leakage. I use 3 layers of protection. I use a folded paper towel as a layer before the 1/2 cut off feminine sanitary pad and a diaper. I would frequently(every 2hrs) change the folded paper towel sheet and only change pads and diapers 2x/day. Wearing the sanitary pads was soooo painful as it naturally folds in between your legs and pushes against the prostate surgical site. By cutting it in half and only wearing it in front eliminates this frustrating pain. On special occasions I stick the half pad on my underwear instead of using a diaper.
Any more tricks of the trade questions feel free to ask or message me or text me.
I hope this helps.

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Toyo776, Depends make a light pad just for men and they work very well for catching the occasional dribble.  Right after my prostate removal I used the heavy pads made by Depends, they also worked well.

Dave 3+4

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Assurance also makes a male incontenance pad, they have a fold for under the balls so it gives little support in that area. Hope this helps.


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