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Any suggestions?

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I am very new to this website. I was diagnosed in 2004. I am used to being a loner but now feel the need to converse with others who understand Cancer. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I could include myself in conferences, etc, support groups for survivors. I live in a very small town so there are no support groups in the area. The closest one is 2.5 hours away. If you can provide any suggestions, I would be very grateful.

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Support for young adults is lacking in our area as well...I have pushed our local Gilda's club to start a support group for young adults. Perhaps a Gilda's club is in your area and even if they don't have a young adult group perhaps there is a group you can join and feel comfortable with. The website to the Gildas Club is www.gildasclub.org, they are worldwide. I am told that the support services are just not in place for young adults with cancer, as it is the fastest growing age group developing cancer.


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One way of developing a face-to- face support group might be to contact the various churches in your area, and ask them to announce this need to thier congregation. There may be other survivors in your town.

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