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Essiac Treatment

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Hello everyone. I hope all is well. My mother is still battling vaginal cancer. It has spread to her lungs and liver. It is in the advanced stage, and she is receiving palliative care. I was wondering if anyone had tried the Essiac Tea treatment. If so, how was your experience? Please respond as soon as possible. Thank you for listening.
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I never heard of this Tea.

Dendritic cell (DC) vaccines
Specialized white blood cells, known as dendritic cells (DCs), are taken from a patient's blood through a process called leukapheresis. In the laboratory, the DCs are stimulated with the patient's own cancer antigens, grown in petri dishes, and re-injected into the patient. Once injected, DC vaccines activate the immune system's T cells. Activation by DCs is expected to cause T cells to multiply and attack tumor cells that express that antigen.

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