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so tired

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Hi everyone: I am so tired, i am a sunday school superintendant, who is getting ready to start a 5 day vbs, this sunday evening. Everything seems to be coming together, i have been at the church about everyday. It was a month today that I had my surgery, I am so tired. I can't sleep at night.
We have been having storms so computer has been shut down. I guess that I can't say no to anyone if they ask me to do anything.


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You are probably taking on too much so soon after surgery! I've done VBS before and know how much work it can be. Remember, it's up to YOU to make responsible decisions about your health. Your body is God's temple, and you serve Him first by caring for His temple. Sometimes, doing God's will doesn't mean managing VBS, but taking care of the small things.......get some well-deserved rest and allow your body to heal. Will be thinking of you.

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Hi Ladybug!!!
You had surgery only 4 weeks ago. Don't expect your body to be 100%. Try to not push yourself. Sometimes you must say no. Also, your body needs sleep. Talk to your doctor about this problem. My prayers and thoughts are with you. Terri

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Ok, Lady, here are some tough words...
If you don't take care of yourself, you will NEVER be able to take care of anyone else.....
I didn't, and ended up nearly in the hospital cause I was sooooo worn down....
Your body has just been thru an incredible fight...you need to pamper it...it's the only one you have got....
Mine told me I was doing too much by having my hip go out...WOW does THAT slow ya down!!!!!
Hugs, (momma) Kathi

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I agree with all the postings. KathiM said it very clearly. 4 weeks out of surgery. You need months to recover. You may not realize it but it takes a long time to recover from surgery. Talk to your doctor. You must start small and work up. You may, and I would say most likely need naps. DO NOT let people push you. DO NOT get your body so weak you wind up back in the hospital. Please, please rest and take it easy. You are tired because of your surgery. Even though the movie Superman is coming out next week you are not Superman( or Superwoman) REST Take care of yourself.

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Hi Ladybug -

I can't do anything but echo everyone else's advice. You are doing way too much for someone who is just a month from surgery! Your body needs time to rest and restore. It is great that you want to continue to work hard and help others, but right now is not the time for that. You need to think of yourself and learn to say no, learn to put some priority on your own recovery.

Please take care of yourself and don't be afraid to say "I'm sorry, but I'm just not able to do that now".


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Hi Ladybug,

I echo what everyone else has said but I have a suggestion. I know there are people in the church that would be willing to help. If you are like me it is hard to say no and hard to ask for help. You need to ask people to help and except their help. If you get yourself so worn down you can't fight infection you will end up in the hospital. Please take my advice. I'm sure there are people you just have to look for them. HUGS!!


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I agree with everyone here. You need to stand up for yourself and say "no". It is nice to help people but if you get so wiped out that you would have to be in bed, would these people help you, take care of you at home?

Please take care of yourself. Eleonora

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hi ladybug,

One of the many lessons I learned through healing from cancer was being able to say NO.

It's so freeing!

Asking for help is a good lesson in humility and isn't that a wonderful thing to model to your VBS kids?

Not quite a year after my dx my husband and I helped run a missionary training school at our Farm. Over 30 young folk from all over the world descended upon us for over 2 weeks. I had to feed then 3x's a day, make sure their porta-potties were pumped and cleaned, the garbage collected, things cleaned up etc etc etc. I learned very well to ask for help, to expect help, and revel in all the help. Plus it gave others the opportunity to utilize their God-given gifts and serve also.

I also had to train myself to go off for quiet time and disengage from the troops in order to get much needed rest to recharge. I had to be in tip top shape.

So do you! And for me I was doing this 9 months post surgery---NOT 4 weeks!!!!

God showed us the way when He took His day of rest.

You are compromising your health by not sleeping and remaining so tired.

So please ladybug, learn the wonderful lesson of SAYING NO and honoring God in allowing others to come forward to help and serve.

peace, emily who lives by jeremiah 30:17

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Hey there, Ladybug -

Yep I agree with the others that you may be pushing too hard post-surgery. Give your body time to heal, lest you break something!

Since you sound like you're kinda stuck with the situation, have you tried drinking chamomile tead before you go to bed? Talk to your doc about maybe taking melatonin (it's over the counter) to help calm your mind so you can sleep. I betcha your body is tired, but your mind is going a thousand miles an hour and that's what's keeping you awake, eh?

Anyway... don't push if you don't have to. Be good to yourself. To use a religious metaphore: Finish renovations on the temple before you start holding services!

Be well

- SpongeBob

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Sounds like we had the same surgeon. If your lucky like me and are cancer free after surgery, They said that there was a 3% chance of recurrance in the next 5 years.

But no one told me that recovery would take from 6 to 18 months, because they critical pieces parts.

It sounds that your just like me, it easier for you to minister to others then to have others minister to you.

You need to talk to your pastor about this immediately. Let him know that there is a time for work and a time for rest.

Believe it when I say that the surgeon gave you a new body, and it will take only a little time for it to adjust to the surroundings. Believe also when I say that anywhere from 6 to ? inches have been removed from your digestive system and it will take longer for you body to adjust to that.

Point to Ponder: Jesus took time for himself. Why? Do you believe He really needed it or was he setting an example?

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I feel that you are taking on too much too soon. You need to rest and have quiet time to heal. Please take care of yourself..Audrey

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