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Hey all you groovy Semi-Colons!

So, I thought I would start a thread comparing our ages at dx so Kathi can compile some data for her Big Mouth Campaign.


(but tumor was there 5-10 years)


(my sister was dx'ed but had been sick
years and misdiagnosed b/c of her age
so when they finally found the tumor it
was waaaaaaay too late. *$%@!!!!

love you all!

peace, emily whose son is getting his first colonoscopy at 20 yrs old

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Believed mis-diagnosed 1997 with haemarroids. After much pain and blood loss admitted to repair haemarroids in July 2003. Surgery was cancelled when specialist "took a look" first, polyps discovered in sigmoid.After colonoscopy and barium enema 3 tumours found. 2/3 bowel blockage discovered Aug. 2003....stage 2.I was 47.

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I was diagnosed with Stage III rectal cancer at age 44. No risk factors. Symptoms for about 1 month.

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I was diagnosed Stage 2 rectal cancer at age 44. (Nov. 2004) I had significant bleed 2 years prior..Was examined by 2 doctors and said internal hemorroid. I pushed for a colonoscopy ,for I still had blood and saw tissue. I was bloating continually after just few bites of food.. Needless to say when I did start chemo that was the first symptom to be gone. I have been cancer free since March 2005.

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Dx at 66 I think I'm in the lead :-)
Didn't have any symptoms except some bleeding I took for hemmorhoids (sp?). Then I had an "accident" in 2004 which suddenly let loose a lot of congealed blood. Luckily I wasn't at the supermarket. Stage 2 or 3 (anomalous PET scan). So far NED after completing chemo a year ago.
I had a colonoscopy about 4 years prior to this and had one benign polyp so I was probably delinquent in not demanding a probe every couple of years.

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I was 53 at diagnosis. No real symptoms that I knew of. I had a physical, blood count was real low..had a colonscopy, found a tumor, had a hemi, diagnosed at a Stage II No chemo..so far so good. Said tumor had been there 5-8 years. One of my kids already had her colonoscopy others are getting at 35

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My husband dx cc at 62 in 2001.
DX prostate cancer at 66 in 2005.
DX recurrance of cc mets to liver at 66 in 2005.

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Diagnosed at age 45, Stage III with 1 lymph node involvement. Had small amount of blood in stool for at least 6 months, after checking the internet convinced myself it was hemorrhoids. Never occured to me it was cc. A gross bleed forced me to go to the Dr., still thinking it was the hemorrhoids. Doc said it had been growing at least 5 years.

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Diagnosed at age 53, stage 3, 11 of 15 nodes positive. That was 13 years ago, and still NED!.

Anonymous user (not verified)

Bert was diagnosed shortly after turning 51, stage III, 4 nodes out of 12 positive in 2003. He had been having regular sigs for over 10 years as his father died of right sided colon cancer at age 57. No symptoms for Bert...he just reached that magical age of 50, "justifying a colonoscopy and, oh yes,he did complain of a continuous bloated feeling. Upon exam, two large tumors, right side, estimated growth time 5 to 7 years. Will be celebrating three years NED in July (Praise GOD and all the powers that be).

Michael, our son, goes next year...full colonoscopy...when he's 29. Come on...grandfather, father, what more does it take?

Monika, who's better late than never to answer and still spitting and spewing just like Krakatoa over these stupid, stupid guidelines.

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I think this one is longer than Howard's Sex thread! (that was howard who started that one wasn't it?)

Thanks y'all for signing on!


peace, emily

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My husband was dx two months after his 50th B-day, stage 4 -liver mets. Tumor had to be
there for at least 5 years. Totally blocked and Dr couldn't believe he was still going to the bathroom.

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I was diagnosed at the age of 40 years (and 10 months)...turn 41 next month.

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Dx 6/9/06 at age 44 with Stage III, 2 nodes by EUS. Turned 45 following week. No family history of any cancer, but I guess it had to start somewhere. Also found a mass on pancreas during the CT scan, not a big issue...yet. Start FOLFOX next week. Had bleeding for 4 months before I insisted on another test other than the anuscope. My oncologist says the average age is 65. I guess I was an over-achiever for once. My siblings are on their way in to get a colonoscopy.


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