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Hey all you groovy Semi-Colons!

So, I thought I would start a thread comparing our ages at dx so Kathi can compile some data for her Big Mouth Campaign.


(but tumor was there 5-10 years)


(my sister was dx'ed but had been sick
years and misdiagnosed b/c of her age
so when they finally found the tumor it
was waaaaaaay too late. *$%@!!!!

love you all!

peace, emily whose son is getting his first colonoscopy at 20 yrs old


  • jams67
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    I was told the cancer had only been there a couple of years at age 60.
  • JADot
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    Dx'd at 39. Was told the tumors (2 of them) have been there 2-3 years. Have been violently sick for a year and half, but the doctor did not have the wisdom to give me a colonoscopy. Had there been a guideline on testing younger folks, my cancer would most certainly have been discovered earlier.

  • Betsydoglover
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    I was diagnosed at age 55 - so not atypical - but I am sure it had been there a few years. I was given the standard speech to have your kids scoped at 10 years prior to your diagnosis - in this case age 45 - but I am way uncomfortable with that. Age 30 is the max I am willing to go and if insurance won't pay, I will - and if I am no longer around, it will be in my will. They'll inherit enough to pay for a few scopes. Of course I have to convince them, but I will!


    Good idea to start this.
  • cherriann
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    diagnosed at 43. very rare adeno carcinoma but cancer grew down instead of up so i will probaly be loosing my sphcinter muscle. if only my gyno had taken my complaints more seriously in 5/05 i may be in a better situation. this is another topic gyno should be more aware of this cancer because they are the ones who you would most discuss this with. as i said before my gyno didnt seem to think nothing of it.
  • Jen28
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    I was diagnosed at age 28. (Never asked how long the tumor had likely been there.)

  • jana11
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    32 at diagnosis. Symptoms for about 10 months prior. No clue how long tumor was present. Probably around 5 yrs.
  • cal79
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    Diagnosed at 25, tumour had been there for at least 5 years. Several specialists told me there was nothing wrong with me before one ordered a colonoscopy. If the first one had tested me, I would still have all of my colon and a rectum!!!
  • WendyMarie
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    Diagnosed at 37. Tumor there probably 5-10 years also.

  • scouty
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    Hey girlfriend!!!!!!

    Dxed age 49, tumor probably there 5-10 years but since it did not bleed, 2 physicals and the poop on a stick test missed it. Due to other emotional melodrama going on in my life, I didn't notice any symptoms.

    Lisa P.
  • HowardJ
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    Diagnosed 3 weeks after turning 50.
  • kerry
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    Diagnosed at age 50. Doctor said it had been there for approx. 10 years.

  • nanuk
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    you probably already know this, but I was dx'd in Oct/2000, age 63. Tumor probably there for a year..Dr had advised colonoscopy not needed in 1999.
  • AuthorUnknown
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    Husband was dx at age 54 (stage 4). Don't know how long the tumors (2) had been there. Doctor strongly suggested son be tested as well.

    Son tested last month. Four polyps, one was huge. Doc said it would have been cancer in two years. According to guidelines, son should have had first colonocopy 15 years from now.

    Son is only 29. Thankful for an cautious doctor.
  • uni522
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    My husband had just turned 40 when dx'd with stage iv (liver met was 18cm). He was showing signs for about a year. Of course, we both thought it was stress and he had ulcers. That "guess" bit us in the booty!! My sons will definately be in the docs office at 25!!
    Happy compiling!
  • JoyceCanada
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    1 month before my 60th Birthday, No symptoms (I swear) I time gross bleed. Colonoscopy found 3cm bleeding polyp tested as benign. Sigmoid resection found to be stage III x 2 lymph nodes involved. currently finished 2 rounds of folfox, 28 rounds of continuous chemo and radiation 5FU.
    Still 2 more months of chemo to go...

    My "kids" aged 30 and 35 are scheduled for coloscopy.
  • ccartwri
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    Diagnosed at 34. Stage 3b rectal cancer. Symptoms for 5 months during pregnancy. No one took me seriously. Had serious pain. No one will take a guess at how long there.
  • StacyGleaso
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    Diagnosed at age 33, stage 4 (liver mets)...been clear 5 yrs this October.

    Symptoms for 7 months before dragging my @$$ to the doc to figure out sore tailbone.

    I have a "happy ending" now, though! (lol)

  • chynabear
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    Diagnosed at age 33, stage 4 (liver mets)...been clear 5 yrs this October.

    Symptoms for 7 months before dragging my @$$ to the doc to figure out sore tailbone.

    I have a "happy ending" now, though! (lol)


    Diagnosed the day after I turned 27. Tumor present (polyp) for around 10 years. Cancer present around 5 years. Misdiagnosed for at least 3 years because of age. Again Misdiagnosed for a few months because of my age until I went from doctor to doctor until one would send me to a gastro (who couldn't believe it was cancerous). Been clear since operation 10/08/2004.

  • tennislover
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    Dx at age 28, stage 4 with Liver mets. DR's didnt estimate how long tumor had been there since I had been misdiagnosed for over a year due to my young age!
  • debralla
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    Diagnosed at age 33, stage 4 (liver mets)...been clear 5 yrs this October.

    Symptoms for 7 months before dragging my @$$ to the doc to figure out sore tailbone.

    I have a "happy ending" now, though! (lol)


    Hello ..I was 45 when I was diagnosed with Stage 4 .I was told I was going through menopause and given meds as they thought I was just under to much stress !! Not as much stress as I am under now !!!!!
    Take Care and God Bless