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Great news!

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good news

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Hi all....firstly, thank you all so much for your support from both Jen and I. The verdict is in. Jen's specialist said there were NO signs of polyps and NO inflamation of her colon and is confident that her problems are the IBS playing up to the extreme. The bleeding is thought to be coming from a fissure that flares up spasmodically so she needs to keep an eye on things and watch her diet. He told Jen that he took some biopsies of her colon wall where the large and small bowel meet. He will be looking at the biopsies closely to see if there is anything other than the IBS causing trouble. I must admit that when I saw her in recovery and was told the good news I cried my eyes out....I was so relieved.We still need to await the outcome of the biopsies but her specialist is confident that all should be ok....we hope so.
Tricia...yes...I do love her very much...she is my "angel".
Sponger...by the time you read this we both hope that both you and "Aunt Nora" have also good news to report...thinking of you both!
Ron.....let us know when the time is near for your bladder tests....then we can do some seriuos "payback" support mate.(do they send cameras up there?....ouch!)
My full blood report is not in yet and hopefully by mid next week I will have tuesdays CT report(I am hoping that I do not react badly to the contrast this time....grrrrr)
Well............tonight I will sleep...and you all will not be far from my thoughts! Must go now and try to catch up on the posts I have missed. Love and huggs...Ross and Jen

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Yea Yea Yea Yea! See, I KNEW things were ok...hugs to you both!

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So happy to hear the good news about Jen.
Praying for the best results for your tests too!

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What great news and good news with your cat scans.


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Fabulous to hear your knews. These times of review and screening are almost as hard as any other time in this wierd journey. I hope yours continue to bring good news and reasons for us all to celebrate.

Well done, and keep looking after each other,

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Awesome news Ross !!!
Whew .I am feeling your sigh of relief all the way over here .
I will be praying that all goes well for you next week .


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Whoohoo!!! This is just the best news I've had all day! Congrats Ross and Jen!


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You mentioned a bad reaction to the contrast. I am allergic to IV contrast dye and am pre-medicated with prednisone the night before and the morning of each CT scan. You might want to check on this.

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Fantastic news!!!! Way to go!!!

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Ross -

Great news! Give Jen a hug. So happy for you. And also sending good vibes for next week's CT scan - which I am sure will turn out well! (I have no problem with the IV contrast, but the oral contrast always activates my intestines - to put it nicely!)

Congrats to both of you,

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hey brother,
great news. give jen my best.
now what do you celebrate with.. i know a bit o port i think.
all the best
be well

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I love good news ((((((jen))))))) I know how you feel Ross ,look after her mate,and YES they do and I hope it's fibre optic and not the studio model with wheels,Ron.

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Thank you all. Jen is feeling ok today apart from some "butt burn"...lol! At least we can laugh about it knowing that the worst is past her, or should I say, thru her.(literally) She wants me to thank you all so much for your concerns. I know that Jen feels very close to you all and has been since I joined you here.
Joy...I will tell them about my last reaction so we will see what happens.
Ron.....do they use a "local" first?.....arrrggghhhh!

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