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stage IV cc with mets to liver/organs survivors please reply

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my husband feels there is no hope since cc mets to liver after almost 5 years. I would like to be able to tell him there are people who survive and their experiences, thank you, tia

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There are lots of Stage IV survivors here with mets to their liver as well as other places. Was he initially diagnosed with liver mets or is this a recurrance?

There is always hope and this site is full of fighters.


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hi Kerry, he had cc in 2001, surgery and chemo, in July of 2005, dx with prostate cancer, in checking to see if prostate cancer had spread, found cancer in liver, biopsy proved to be same as colon cancer

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Yes, Tia. In the last five years many new treatment choices have been offered. Please remind him to never give up hope.



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Tia -

Try not to be too discouraged - there are many stage IV folks doing well on this site. And many new treatments in the last few years.

If you'd like to email on this site, I'll be happy to share my specific history with you.

Take care,

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I can only offer hugs, Tia....no experience here...
HUGS, Kathi

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I was at Vanderbilt Hospital Monday and saw a friend I met during my 2005 chemo (stage 3B hers and CT today still shows NED). My friend has had stage 4 CC with mets to the liver for 4 years now. He was a little discouraged at the continuing chemo but he looked pretty good and was still working. The mental part is hard to beat

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Print out my story on the personal websites here. I had mets to liver and lung and am now happily outliving the "you only have 2 years to live" prognosis. It is all within his grasp if he will reach for it.

Feel free to contact me and ask more questions if you like.

Lisa P.

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I too am stage 4 with liver mets .I like the 4 year story Allen ,Thank you for sharing . My Onc had a 17 year stage 4 (liver mets) surviver . He told me he passed away when he was 81, But not from colon cancer .I have read Lisa's web page more than once !! I go and read it whenever I need a "I can do it boost" !!!
And remember we are all here for you .
Keep us all posted

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that's so cool debra!

good for you. There are inspirations on here, that's for sure.

peace, emily

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Hello Tia
The others before me are right on target. If you either go to personal webpages or just browse throgh previous messages, you will find a lot of people who survived liver mets.

Best of luck to you.

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Hi Tia I am a stage 4 cc survivior. My Cancers came at different times First a about with breast cancer in 1999 Then Colon Cancer stage 3 in 2001 Then Colon Cancer that metast. to my liver in 2004 October. Believe me GOD IS GOOD. I am still HERE and NEVER EVER GIVING UP HOPE JUST LIVIN.

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I want to thank all of you for your replies and support..I will go to the webpages...God Bless you all, tia

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I want to thank all of you for your replies and support..I will go to the webpages...God Bless you all, tia

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There's always hope! Not only can you find stories here, but I enjoyed reading Lance Armstron's book as well as Chicken Soup for the Survivor's Soul. Both are what I like to give newly diagnosed patients to read as inspiration.

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Dear Tia,
My mom is stage IV with mets to both her liver and lungs. She just finished her 6th chemo treatment (on 4 different drugs). We go the results from her follow-up CT scan and the tumors in her liver and lungs ARE SHRINKING!!!

Believe me when I tell you that when she was first diagnosed I thought of her dying immediately.

But after coming to this site and hearing all of these wonderful survival stories; I know now that the diagnosis is even moreso the strength and survival for life itself.

Sometime, I think I handle things "way worse" than she does with all of this. She has a colostomy, is starting to lose her hair, has cancer... and yet has never cried once about all of this.

After her 1st chemo treatment she got very, very sick; throwing up all morning and afternoon. And after that treament "mentally" she made up her mind that she was not going to get sick anymore... and she hasn't.

I truely believe that mental strength and the will to live go hand-in-hand with this diagnosis so...

I will keep you and all of your family in my prayers always!

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Love Always,
Mary from WI

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