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First year tests down...life to go?

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I am glad to say that my anxiety level has just gone down with good news from my first year test results. My liver enzymes have elevated but my doc says not related to cancer but rather fatty liver problem?? So, from the kidney on now to the liver. I'm sure I'll be dieting here shortley after my celebration this weekend.

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Congratulations on your great news! Just over 2 years here and no evidence of disease. Enjoy your celebration this weekend.

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That's great news ,I just did my 1 yr 10 mo CT & blood work(I'll be gone in June so I did it early) and all clear. I was going to post my good news because when I first found out do to blood in my urine it was a great help to read and get advice from others on this site. So for people new to this I had my right kidney removed and I was 10cm stage 2 due to size and completely contained. I was 53 at the time, three days in the hospital and back to work in 2.5 weeks & at Disney in 2 months. Doing great wish you all the best. Larry Knight /lollync1@hotmail.com

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nai53, that is great news! congrats! I'm headed to the doc tomorrow for a 3 month check up. I'm just coming up on 3 months since my surgery. I anxiously await the 1 year anniversary!

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Celebrate each and every 'good news' event. I had radical nephrectomy 5 years ago and was just 6 months shy of getting the 'all clear'. Unfortunately I've now been diagnosed with mets to the lung which have now been surgically removed. Now I'm back on the test treadmill every 6 months with a lot of prayer thrown in that it's not going to show up anywhere else. So keep those appointments! It's so important and trust me, way better if they catch anything unusual early.

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so sorry to hear your news ttfntoo. After 5 years...that's scarey. Sounds like they caught the met to the lungs early. Hope you are doing well. What stage were you when they removed your kidney? Also, do you know what your sub-type was?

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