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Sacramento: I kicked in, quoted numbers!!!

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WOW, was my day at the state capitol great!!!! I am tired, but very excited. First, the building itself is awesome, I'd never been there in all my 45 years of living in California. Second, we all WERE THERE when the CRC bill was read in committee!!! All of us (about 50) wore black T-Shirts with "Colorectal cancer is preventable...vote yes on AB2339" on the front. The schedule of bill presentation was changed, so that OUR bill was FIRST read. And EVERYONE voted for...with 2 members requesting to co-author the bill. (I know, still a long way to go...but it was historical to me!!!).
Also met with 3 legislators...got their attention with "Have YOU had a colonoscopy yet?...it could SAVE YOUR LIFE!".
Finally, had a discussion with a GI doc that is WAY involved with ACS...told him of my informal poll here (thread awhile back)...and the results being that 50 is TOO OLD. Later that day, in a speech to general people, HE brought that up, and added "I ALWAYS scope if you present with symptoms, NO MATTER WHAT YOUR AGE IS"!!!!!!!
Thank you to everyone who helped with my fact finding...I really love you guys and gals!!!

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Good going!!!! Now let's all hope and pray that changes are underway. Thank you for doing this on behalf of all colon cancer patients, their loved ones, and for those yet to be diagnosed. Their journey may be just a little bit easier than some of ours have been.

God Bless.

Monika :o)

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Did you tell the Governator I say "What's happening, Bay-Bee?"

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Oh Kathi,

Watch out for Sponger's "Arnie" impersonation. It is EXCELLENT. I almost wet my pants I was laughing so hard (for fear of the board police, SB will be kind to me). Then he did a Forest Gump interpretation and it was even better. A talented dude.

Sorry for getting off track....so great job and I could feel your excitement in your post. Keep us posted as the bill progresses.

Lisa P.

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You are amazing!!! Carry on, and keep it up. You make us all very proud.


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Thanks, Kathi for all your hard work!! Terri

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You go girl. As far as the 50 year old for colonoscopy, any one with symtoms should have one sooner. I want to scream everytime I hear "have a colonoscopy at 50." I also want to scream when I hear someone say, I am never having one. My hubby is 49 and hasn't had one yet.


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Hey Kathi!

This sounds so great! Sounds like hopefully something is getting started and people will start listening. The next step is to get it approved somehow to have colonoscopys done at age 40 I would say. Even earlier if possible. Good going!


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Thrilled for you (and us!)...
Thank you for all of your efforts. Keep us informed about the next steps - Maura

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That is great job! Please keep it up!

It seems like they do not want to do cononoscopy earlier because of insurance problems. Insurance companies probably do not approve it until the certain age unless there are serious symptoms.

Another point is, though it is on a slightly different subject, that if colorectal cancer at least is on a radar for early screening and prevention and at least some awareness, there are other forms of cancer that do not have even that. Ovarian cancer is the best example. It is very difficult to diagnose because its sympthoms mimic other illnesses and by the time they diagnose it, it is too late. National Cancer Institute would not do any research on it, while many women die from ovarian cancer because medicine can not diagnose it in time.

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Thanks, Kathi!

I appreciate your advocacy!



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