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Results are back

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Hi again. Well. I got my CT results and PFT (pulmonary function tests). Basically - I kick serious butt!!! My PFT's are all greater than 100% for someone my age!! Yahoo. I have had a total of 6 wedge resections and my surgeon said the CT showed that my right lower lobe tumor has grown a tiny bit - it is now cutting off a little bit of air space in that region. BUT - I still have FULL pulmonary status!!!! Yea, check me out. He said the CT is otherwise great. No other lesions anywhere. He thinks my next surgery he will only have to remove 2/3 of my right lung (I can't believe I am actually happy about this). AND - after my surgery I should have >70% PFT's. I should still be able to work out!! I will feel a little short of breath when I run. I will be able to feel a difference, but I can do EVERYTHING! :)

Unfortunately, (always some badness in my cancer world) one of the margins on my left lung met was positive. BUT - he said he wouldn't do anything differently. He used 2 sets of staples on either side of the incision and that he belives he got good margins. There are 5mm of tissue that cannot be examined because of the staples. Now, we just watch and wait. Still need scans every 3-4 months - no more frequently than normal. He said if it comes back - he can operate again and take out more left lung. EEK!!

In summary, I feel great. I am going back to work for 2 weeks (because I feel so good). I have my next surgery on 4/4/06. Gulp. Please make sure to send prayers and good vibes on 4/4.

Thanks to all of you. I hope everyone is winning their battles; step by step.

love, jana

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Jana, you are truly an inspiration to patients and caregivers alike! Take care of yourself and best wishes and prayers for your next surgery.

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great news you go girl. kick that beast. good luck with upcoming surgery.
all the best

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It always makes me happy when there is good news for you. Congratulations on your current successes, and keep up the good results for your next surgery.


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Way to go Jana! I'm so happy that your scans were good and that you will keep some of your lung. I'll be sending prayers and positive energy for your surgery.

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That is great news!! Hooray - you did kick serious butt!!!

I will be back in Houston on April 3 to have blood work done and meet with my dr. I'll give you a call before I come - want to give you a good luck hug for your upcoming surgery.

Great news, I'm so happy for you.


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Good news, Jana!!! Way to go!!! Blessing to you! Terri

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Great stuff Jana. Check yah emails gal. Hey...now yah gotta do well on the 4th babe!Then do some serious bench presses to get in shape for Austin where there's gunna be alottahuggingoinon!
I know you can get thru tha 4th with that attitude yah got gal.
"workin out...geez....go easy on me if yah gunna hugg me Jana....lol!"
All our luv, Ross n Jen

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happy to hear the good news jana!
enjoy your 2 weeks of work, and then you go kick some more serious butt with that surgery on the 4th!

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Nice! My prayers will be with you on the 4th.

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Way to go jana! Congrats on the good results. I will be thinking of you on the 4th. Good vibes your way!


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What a great positive attitude you have!

Good vibes are on the way...


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I could have told you you kicked butt a long time ago!!! I am so glad you will not lose more lung!!! You are in such great shape girlfriend!!! I am envious. I need to get my butt in motion and have you to inspire me! Fitnessbuff31 will be in DC this weekend and is doing a 5K and asked me to join. I am going to...i hope i make it to the finish line!

I hope your house showing and move plans are going very well! Kiss those three hounds for me.
Or is it four?

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My thoughts will be with you on your surgery day. You are such a positive role model for us all.


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AN INSPIRATION... to both my mom and I! ; )

My name is, Mary from Wisconsin, and have really gotten a more positive outlook on this "nasty" word and disease.

THANK YOU for you post, Jana! I now have truely come to believe that the word "cancer" doesn't have to necessarily mean a "death sentence" to a particular person.

I can't tell you how much I have learned in just the last (2) months we were given this horrible news; it's almost too overwhelming at times; but...


Much Love,
Mary ; )

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You truly are a great inspiration to everyone. I will send you good thoughts and prayers for your upcoming surgery and the same for now just because I'm so happy for you. Audrey

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