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vulvar cancer and VIN III

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For several years I have suffered with severe itching and burning around the area of the vagina. I had a hysterectomy in Nov. 2004, my Gyn. said that there was a white patch there, I went back for my yearly in July 2005, he gave me a steroid creme for the irritation, I went back to him in Nov. 2005, he did a biopsi, called me a week later end told me that it showed vulvar cancer. He made an appt. with Onc. for Dec. 2005. The onc. did a second biopsi, it showed VIN III. I had surgery in Jan. 2006, a partial vulvectomy. The Onc. said that he "got" it all and I was clear, no treatments, didn't have to remove lympnodes. It is now 5 weeks post-op, took forever to heal, very irritated,NOW, the itching and burning is back. I don't go back for a checkup until June! Is there a chance that it could come back that soon! If anyone is experiencing the same issues, I'd like to hear from you.

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I am into 8 weeks of recovery and still not completely healed. I have noticed a little itching but just in the area that is not completly healed. June is to far a way. I am scheduled every three months for the next year because of reoccurrance. Get back into the doc's and tell them you want to be looked at every three months to catch it early if it does reoccur. There is only so much they can take from us in this area. So we have to be aware and tell them how to treat us.

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I'm glad they got it all, thank God it didn't reach your lymph nodes!

I have no idea what the timeline is for recurrence but better safe than sorry.
Make an appointment with your gyn-onc asap.

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I also had surgery for VIN III, I was going to the doctor one wk after surgery then 2 wks then 4 wks and now I am going to see him until September but I have an appointment with an onc for his check up in June also. After my surgery in January I went to an oncologist in February then another one in early March meanwhile my own Obgyn was checking me. I was flipping the appointments in the air, but want to make sure it is not coming back. Also if thought there was something wrong I would immediately call the doc and they would have me come in. I think you should do that call them and see what they have to say if they still tell you until September then make an appointment with another doctor. ASAP, Because if you are showing signs of it coming back you want to make sure it isn't because of the surgery. Hell, I told my doctor that time they told me to come in that I was there so he could prove me wrong. He just smiled and opened my legs to make sure.. and Sure enough thank god it was just the healing, and he told me what to do to reduce the itching and burning. Good Luck and hope everything is okay with you.

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I am a 39 year old. My gyn took a biopsi on Feb 10,2006, on Feb.14th he called and told me that I had precancerous. He sent me to a Onc. specialist on Feb.21st. He examined me and talked to me and my husband about what he was going to do because I did have cancer of the vulva. On March 8th I had surgery where he removed half of my vulva. The recovery time is awful. It is going on 6 weeks since my surgery and I still hurt sometimes and I am for the most unable to wear pants. I am wearing long skirts. I went back to the Onc. on April 11th for my 5 week checkup and begged them to let me go back to work and he finally agreed. Well he also told me that it came back and now I have to have surgery again. Something about a margin. I talked them into waiting until the end of May, I am not even healed yet. So my next surgery is on May 31st. I am still scared to death. June is to long to wait. 6 weeks in really to long to wait. I am wondering that after I have my next surgery if I am going to have to have another one again? Hope you a feeling better and Good Luck!!!

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You may have to go back aways, but my postings are under the name nancytahoe. I had vulvar cancer surgery in Jan 2005. After my surgery, I had to douche with methiolate after every time I went to the bathroom. It was awful, but it worked. I had no pain or itching during my recovery. It has been 18 months now, and I am cancer free. No chemo or radiation, just Protocel 50 alternative medicine. Did you have radiation? I refused, because I was afraid of the healing process and damage to my bladder,uretha, and colon. I was wearing pants two weeks after my surgery, after they removed the catheter.

Good luck to you. You are very brave to go thru surgery again.


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