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Vitamines during chemo / radiation?

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My cousin is in her last few chemo / radiation treatments. She is a level 4 patient. She can still have 2 more 7 wk. sessions. She tells us that her Dr. told her NOT to take any vitamins or anything to help rebuild her wht. blood cell count, to just eat right. I'm I just stupid or is that insane !! ? Everything I've researched for the last 2 months stresses the importance of keeping your body nurished with healthy foods during any of these treatments.
Let's hear some comments either way.... please!
She also said that her Dr. said, taking any vitamins now would just feed the cancer cells. I just can't and won't believe that!!

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I'm certainly not an MD, and I'm reluctant to argue with someone else's doctor, but I agree that "no vitamins" seems contrary. I would ask the doctor directly, how the vitamin supplements would "feed" the cancer cells. During my treatment for lung cancer, I was given B-Complex vitamin supplements in addition to what food I could eat. Two friends, currently receiving cancer treatment also take Centrum brand supplements on the advice of their doctors.

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Thank you for your reply! My dear cousin is 70 now and has a habbit of turning the statements around to suit her liking, unfortunatly. You keep taking what ever vit's. you can, it is so important to keep the immune sys. loaded with good stuff to help whip that monster. Best wishes to you and your family. Barry

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Hi, I am still at a loss for answers on vitamins. I take them now and all thru chemo and radiation. I asked my oncologist and her exact opinion and statement was, " If it is between paying a bill and takeing the vitamins, pay the bill. I felt betrayed of her answer and continue to take my vitamins. I am four years out , small cell lung cancer and don't know if the vitamins helped me , but going into treatment , I was given a 5% chance of survival. I feel that if it makes you feel better, take them, but also let your oncologist and other treating doctors aware. I hope this helps some and God bless and in my prayers. Mike

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Mike.. You're a peach of a guy. Thanks so much for your reply. One of my research articles said " You're getting poisoned and set on fire! You need to boost your immune sys. greatly. If you take 'one a days', up your dosage to 5 or even 7 a day!" Your body needs all the help you can give it! God Bless you Mike & Thanks Barry

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Hi Mike, this is my first time doing this so I don't know exactly what I am doing, please bare with me. I was diagnosed with Small Cell lung cancer 10/04. I also took vitamins during treatment and continue to take them today. I have been in remission for a year now. What is the best way to find and connect with people with SMALL CELL Lung cancer on this site? It is encouraging to hear you say you are four years out, it gives me some hope. I welcome any information anyone can give me on the best way to use this site. Thanks! Lisa

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My radiologist suggested no antioxidants or extra vitamins during radiation because they work against the radiation. She sad one a day vitamins were ok. When my radiation was finished I started on a regimine of Juice Plus. Give you all your servings of fruits & veg for a day. I have been on them for 1 1/2 months now and feel good. I have sclc and am still gettingi chemo. God Bless all of you. I continue to pray for healing.

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Hi-- I'm not going to contradict a doctor either, but I definitely think you need to ask questions about this and get more information.

For your own information, my mother started chemo on 1/26/06 and was told to take Vitamin E, Vitamin B-6 and L-glutamine daily. At no time was she told to NOT take vitamins, or that vitamins would "feed her cancer".

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Thanks so much for replying. I wish you all the best. Here's an interesting site for you to look at "only if you want" www.GetHealthyAgain.com Just select a given illness. I found the one on Cancer most informative. Again, I wish you the greatest health. Barry

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I used to feel the same way about not taking nutritional suppliments with therapys. That thought ended when I was diagnosed with advanced NSCLC. Now I want to do anything sane to help the therapy along and that includes staying healthy before, during and after chemo or radiation. My doctors don't mind and are more concerned that it eases pain or make me feel good. The antioxydents and vitamins I take are cutting edge and I have done the homework. I have found many scintific reports that backup their clains as to why certain incredients cause cancer cells to stop dividing and die. Suppliments are working for me. My husband helps me with the food nutrition to balance everything and build back my muscle mass and give me hope.

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