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post-op report

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(1) 6am, in pre-op room preparing for surgery.
(2) 7am, wheeled into the operating room and recieved first dose of anaesthesia
(3) surgery began at 7:30am and was completed at 11:10am
(4) after recovery was carried to room at 1:30pm
(5) abdominal pain controlled with medication
(6) I wasn't allowed to get out of bed wednesday evening....not sure why
(7) Thursday after breakfast, liquid diet, I was helped from the bed and walked the corridor several times
(8) The most pain experienced was at the incision site when I'd get in or out of bed
(9) I was shocked to discover the amount of swelling and bruising that had occurred
(10) The doctor said he believed the cancer was contained within the glandular capsule and both nerves were spared.
(11) Released from hospital Friday at 11 am.

Thanks again for the pre-op support. It made a most difficult event more tolerable.


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Glad you are home. Take it slow and the catheter will be out in no time. Russ

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CONGRATULATIONS on becoming a survivor!!!!!! Its good that you are home and in comfortable surroundings. Rule #1 Don't over-do it. Follow the Doctor's instructions to the letter and keep up those kegels. If you do over-do it your body will let you know, trust me.

Great to see you back online. Keep in touch


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Congratulations!!! Remember to use the stool softner and eat lots of fruits and veggie. Don't want to have any problems with constipation. Just follow the Dr. orders and don't over do anything. Although the incisions don't look big...you just had major surgery and need to take it easy. My husband tried to do a few things too soo and his body let him know really quickly. As far as getting in and out of bed...my husband slept in the recliner for the first week or so. It was easier getting in and out of. Good Luck and take it easy.

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I've taken stool softeners everyday after surgery. Although I returned to a some what solid diet thursday I haven't had a bowel movement yet. Should this concern me. The nurses questioned me about passing gas and that hasn't been a problem. I understood passing gas was an indicator the bowel was working.

Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to ride home so soon. We did stop often and I walked a few minutes each time.

Oh well, day ain't over yet!


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Great job. Keep up the good work following your doctors instructions. I had followed them quite closely and healed very well and remained quite comfortable under the circumstances.

I did screw up twice. About two weeks after returning home, a contractor met me at my house to go over a project. I was in the walking for about fifteen minutes at a time mode but stood in one spot for about 45 minutes while with him. Pain began to hit me like a ton of bricks. I finished the meeting and reclined. The pain subsided after a percoset. Mind you this was the first time back from the hospital that I had taken any as I was warned that they may constipate me and cause unbearable pain.

My next disaster was at four weeks after surgery on my first day back to work. I had lost my cool and agrued with a client over the phone on a conference call over issues of deception that occured in my absence. I was quite upset and quite vocal. At the end of my call, I began clutching myself in pain. I drove home and my wife was waiting in the driveway with water and two percosets. My second dose since returning from the hospital. About two hours later I was back to normal.

Keep up the good work and try not to copy my dumb mistakes.


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William1: I'm happy that all goes well for you. Post operative for me was easy. But, I made two idiotic mistakes. First, I bought a case of wine (about 35lbs.) for one of my caregivers and unfortunately loaded it in the trunk of her car at the end of the fourth week following surgery. Second, when I told the doctor I was doing 30 Kegels per day, he said I should be doing 10 times that many. I did for several months. I believe one or the other of these actions, or perhaps both, have contributed to a continuing lower left abdomen pain. So, I recommend no heavy lifting for six or more weeks. And, while Kegels are good, consider doing them in moderation.

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Congrats Wiliam1.But do take it easy. I tried lifting a 50lb. bag of dog food about 5-6 weeks post-op and I almost reopened my incision. I did Kegels when I thought about them and I was completely dry 3 months out. IT's been exactly a year for me.Take care and God Bless.

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That wasn't **** dog feed was it?


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