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I am new and have a question

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Has anyone had internal radiation? If so does it hurt do you have an IV. I am having little seeds placed inside me i was told its a high dose radiation

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Hi Tamole, I had one 24-hour internal radiation following uterine cancer. I had to stay in the hospital, and it wasn't really painful, just uncomfortable because I could not move or get out of bed for 24 hours. I had no internal burning, either. I had more burning with the external pelvic radiation than I had before the internal radiation. I did have an IV because I was out for the radiation cylinder implant and then I kept the IV for fluids because I could not eat during the 24 hours I had the radiation in. I did not need any pain medication during that time. Good luck! Please let me know how it goes!


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Hi Tamole. I am Sandra. I was diagnosed with uterine cancer in 2002, had chemo and radio, radical hysterectomy in April 2003. I had external radiation which did not hurt, had 4 sessions of internal radiation (all my treatment and surgery was done in Venezuela). The internal radiation really hurt because was treated without any sedative nor any pain medication, I did it four times. The last one was the worst. But I have to think all the pain was worth it. I am cancer free now, going to regular check ups every six months. Radiation really affected my intestines, and my sexual life. I was 36, I am now 39, no kids, and I will not have babies either. Talk to your doctor about sexuality during and after cancer, I did not do it enough and I have suffered the consequences. However, I have to be thankful to be alive and to enjoy so many things we take for granted. I know you will do fine, just have patience and faith. Please let me know how you are doing. Good luck and take care.

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There is an in-hospital kind which it sounds like you might be having and an out-patient HDR (brachytherapy). The out-patient HDR simulation goes fairly smoothly if the rad-onc uses a lubricant with lainocaine (spelling?) which numbs the area before inserting the tampon like device.
I had no IV and took no relaxing drugs prior or during and drove myself to and from treatment. The first setup takes longer and they insert cathetars which don't hurt per se (numbing gel is probably the key).
Actual treatment is 5-15 min.
The out-patient HDR is do-able. Not fun but do-able. I was a basket case worrying about it and it was a whole lot better than I'd envisioned.
Don't know about the in-hospital with "seeds."
Best wishes for a smooth recovery with whichever kind you're having.

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