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365 Days ago...

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I went in for a routine colonoscopy. When I awoke I was given some bad news by my GI guy. He said that he found a tumor in my colon and I should go to the hospital immediatly for tests. I took his advice and went immediately to the hospital. I ended spending the next 14 hours there. I had every test imaginable, blood work, a digital rectal exam, chest xray, ct scan, liver biospy, and a meeting with a young surgeon. Once the day's test were completed I was told that I have stage IV colon cancer with liver mets. They wanted to do a resection that coming Monday. What a day!
The next day I called three friends of mine, a GI doc, and nuerosurgeon, and a general practioner, all clients of mine who owed me favors. This was probably the smartest thing I have ever done. They all recommended the same surgeon who specialized in lower abdomen surgery. My GI doc friend even went as far as setting an appointment for me with this surgeon that following Monday! I immediately called the young surgeon and told her that I was going with another surgeon, much to her dismay. As it turns out I didn't have surgery until 5 months later. Anyways, to make a long story short, I was smart not to rush into things and to get my facts straight. One year later I'm in remission and I truely feel great.
Happy Holidays...

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what good news. I am so happy for you.

Merry Christmas.


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I am very happy for you..I love reading good results. Have a wonderful holiday....Audrey

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Hi Buster,
Happy Anniversary! How wonderful that you are in remission one year later. That is the kind of news we all love to hear!
I, too, sought out a second opinion after my initial diagnosis -- and it was the best decision I made. Very different treatment approach -- and I think it might have saved my life.
Happy holidays

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Good for you!! Can you tell me how you got rid of those liver mets? My father was just diagnosed in November. The doctor is working on the liver mets now with Avastin, Oxiliplatine and Xeloda. What did you think contribute to your remission?

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Looks like you were diagnosed 3 days before me. What a "ride" you've been through. Glad to hear all's well with you. I remember your boxing analagies (at least I think it was you). Sounds like your great attitiude helped!


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It's great to hear more good news; what a year you've gone through. Have a Happy New Year! Judy

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Hi Buster,

Wow, I know you are looking forward to 2006. You were so wise to seek other options before having surgery. I continue to be amazed at how treatment options differ from one specialist to another. Congratulations on your progress and enjoy the new year with NED.


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