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2 weeks ago today kidney removed

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Lots of questions to others that have been there. I was told no chemo, no radation was needed. The mass on my left kidney was 8mm and was incapulated (?), I was told "I got it all". I did have a bone scan and a chest ct prior to surgury and everything looks great. My Dr is a man of very few words and I just was wondering what I have to look forward to. Is follow up just chest scans? how often? Any information is welcome. Sometimes I read to much on the net and get more confused. Best health to all.

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Hey Fi,

Sorry your doc isn't much on bedside manner. I hear that the lack of social skills is pretty common in the profession.

Chemo and radiation are rare for renal cell cases. It is not so much a case of them not being needed, inasmuch as they rarely work on RCC. RCC though, is one of the easiest cancers to "cure," if caught early, as it sounds you were able to do.

Follow up is pretty straightforward in cases like yours and mine. I had CT scans and chest x-rays every six months for the first two years after surgery. At three years now, so now I only get scanned once a year, since there has been no sign of the cancer returning or spreading.

Please feel free to email me privately any time you feel like it. The post-surgery months were the worst time for me.

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My right kidney was removed may 4th 2004.cancer
returned in my bladder.tumors removed aug 2005.
feeling better.start BCG treatments in December.
make sure you go fo your scans and tests.staying
on top of things really helps.as you've found out
chemo is not an option.if the renal tube was not removed with the kidney look for it to possible
to retun there.keep fighting,pray,and do things
if you wait to do things when you think you will feel better.you might not do anything at all.

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Hang in there, all - before you know it you will be at your 5-year anniversary and back to "normal" risk level (according to my doctor - the 5-year mark is the one to hit). I just had my 6-year anniversary in November and can hardly believe it. There was a time when I wondered if this day would ever come. I was 5 months pregnant when I was diagnosed. I had my kidney removed 1 week later with no further treatment. I was followed every 6-mos for the first 2 years and then yearly since then and will likely continue just for good measure. I had CT scans (chest, abdomen, pelvis) and chest x-rays (along with the usual blood tests) to monitor my status. Now, I just go for a check up and blood tests.
I remember being worried about having only one kidney (even though I knew there were lots of people out there who have only one and do just fine) and worried about doing "risky" activities like horseback riding where I might hurt my good kidney. Bottom line is you have to live, and be smart about the risks you take - I still horseback ride, but I wouldn't do rodeo! Please feel free to email me - and take your recovery slowly. Some things are a blessing in disguise...

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your story sounds so great and inspiring! what stage rcc did you have? did it spread anywhere else? how long where you stiff/sore after the surgery? did you have a rib removed? thanks for the answers!

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I have not been told my stage yet, guessing 2 because of the size. Fingers crossed, nothing has spread. I am still sore, I think because of the rib being removed. Thanks for getting back with me. best to you

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