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Greetings all...
It's been 5wks since my last CT Scan, no cancer in my colon or liver, however there's a new spot on my left lung. My onc has me waiting 8 wks until I get a PETscan(11.14.05). So far so good, I feel great. Other than a scratchy throat and an occassional cough I feel fine. I'm wondering if the scratchy throat and cough thing are phsycosomatic? Anyways,I'm enjoying my time away from Chemo/Radiation/Hospitals/and Doctors. I'll keep you posted..

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I'll keep you in my prayers.

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Hey Buster - A friend called me and spoke of horrible allergies for her in the fall.....maybe a bit of that could be causing your scratchy throat/cough. Someone mentioned having residual effects in their lungs from chemo and I was thinking that I felt something too - like my lungs weren't clear anymore....I think it is just worry; and I think it is normal for us.....All the best to you and try to keep good thoughts!!! - Maura

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Hi. The waiting is hard -- best of luck with that. When I had a small tumour in my left lung, I had no symptoms whatsoever. So, it's possible that your sore throat and cough are unrelated....Do enjoy your time away from docs/hospitals/tests! Best wishes, Tara

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Just thought I would drop you a line and say that I am so glad that you are feeling good!!!! I now that the waiting game is the hardest!!!!

Hang in there!!!!!

Best Wishes and Prayers for GREAT results!!!!


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G'day buster from oz. Glad to hear that you have been able to kick the chemo/hospital "habit" mate. Sometimes I wondered if having to hang around hospitals made me feel worse! Anyway, good to hear that you are away from all that for the moment. All the best for your scans Buster and we hope that it is nothing serious mate,
cheers, Ross n Jen

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