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Relapse?? Could It be?

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I know its normal to be a little afraid of a possible relapse whenever you are tired or just don't feel well, but this time I can't get the thought out of my mind. I just started college about a month ago and have been trying to adjust to that. About two weeks ago I starting getting tired real easy and no amount of sleep seemed to help I just blamed my stress level to my lack of energy, I left behind my boyfriend which is really hard. About a week ago I started noticing random bruises on my arms and legs, my bones hurt more and more each day, and I was constantly dizzy. Over the weekend I passed out about 5 times. Today I am feeling a little bit better and I'm hoping its just being over stressed. With my classes its hard to get to the health cencter and I really don't wanna go to my doctor if its just stress. Any advice???

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I know how hard it is to fit trips to the doctor into a busy college schedule, but I really think you should see your doctor as soon as possible. It may turn out to be nothing, but it's much much better to be safe than sorry. You can even use the time at the doctor as a time to de-stress; I always take a book to read for pleasure. If you find out that it is just stress, then you'll at least have peace of mind.

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When I went back to school after my surgery and all I was always tired. I would litterally sleep almost all weekend and it went on for about a few months.... I had more bruses and stuff because I would bump into things and not know because I was always exausted. I never passed out but have you ever been tested for diabetes? my sister will get real tired dizzy and pass out she has been tested many times because its possible for it to pop up at any point in life.... College is a huge change for your body. I went through it. Thing is dont let it get to you. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!!! if you are tired then sleep.... if u have a lot of energy then go do something active..... Dont worry about it but let your doctor know whats going on so that they can have it documented and then if there is a cycle to this they will know or if there is something they can do they will know..... Dont stress. If you are stressed then find something to release that stress. Remember your living for YOU and no one else so take care of yourself. I just recomend you talk to your doctors and let them know this does not feel right to you. Then do what your body tells you to do. If you are hurting then rest.....


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Hey DIVAlicous,
This isnt about you. haha.. just kidding. How is SB?
-Michael :-)

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I took a weekend to just rest and relax and I'm feeling much better. I'm still not 100% but I rarely do. I am pretty sure its stress and missing my boyfriend. Things did start getting a little better after I spent some time with him.

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Go to the Doctor. If you were completely ok you would not have posteded this message. I understand your fears of going back to see the oncologist, but if nothing medically is wrong, you will regain peace of mind. I will say a prayer.

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I agree, go back to the doc. Yes, it can be a bit hectic to fit into your schedule. BUT...if everything comes back fine, think about the peace of mind you would have. And, if it is your worst fear realized, do you really want to keep putting it off??

I understand the fear, believe me I understand it. I'm dealing with it myself right now. Not of a relapse exactly, but a new cancer. One of my previous treatments puts me at a greater risk of getting an acute leukemia. I have some (not all) sypmptoms of AML...I went to my primary and demanded labs. He decided to run a few more tests while we were at it. And...I learned, 1) I am not a diabetic. 2) I do not have strep, 3) I do not have a cold, allergies, or the flu 4) my lungs are as clear as can be. But...I do have a low grade fever, joint pain (off and on), swollen lymph nodes, shortness of breath (off and on), fatigue (could be from being a stay at home mom of two VERY active children), and I do have little red spots under my skin. I don't have any bruises, but then I haven't ran into or bumped anything here lately.

My DH doesn't understand why my mind and emotions are playing with me like they are. He can't understand it, never been there. And honestly, as much as I don't want to deal with the whole process again, if it is there, I do want to catch it early, fight it as hard as my body possibly can, and kick it in the butt again.

I'm wishing you the best. But what could a CBC or whatever hurt? Sometimes with us, it's best to listen to that little voice in our heads and hearts and play it safe instead of being sorry later.


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