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Stanford University recently developed a new laser therapy that destroys cancer cells but leaves healthy ones unharmed. I found the write up somewhat difficult to fully comprehend but it looks promising. A patent has been applied for this technology but I am wondering how long it will be before it can be used. If anyone is interested, type in Nanotech-Laser Prostate Cancer on your search engine. This was just released to the media 3 or 4 days ago.

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Do you know if this procedure is only for prostate cancer that is still within the prostate or if it can be effective for PC cancer that has spread?

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Stuart, the article was not specific as to the type of cancer. Lymphoma was involved in one of the experiments which implies to me that the technology may be applicable to any type of cancer tumor. As you probably know, prostate cancer frequently jumps outside to the lymph nodes. Just my thoughts. I have advanced PC diagnosed in Mar 03 and have been on hormone deprivatation therapy since that time. As I live in San Jose, CA, I have decided to change my treatment to the highly touted (by Stanford) Stanford Cancer Center as my urologist, although a nice guy, is not talking about what he will recommend when my PC becomes refractory and the treatments are inaffective. Like I say, it seems that this newly developed technique should apply to cancerous tumors just about anywhere.

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just a quick note that I read. It says that the laser kills the cancer cells with great heat and there aren't too many studies of any length that tell of any other harm the laser with this heat can do during its search and destroy of the prostate cancer.


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