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Struth..I go awol workin for a coupla days n then I come back n see our resident humourist telling everyone his plumbing needs an overhaul! Bob..yah gotta lay off tha pina-coladas! Sorry you are not doin' so well mate. You are the anchorman(references to the sea intentional) of humour here and there is sadness in our hearts that you are unwell.Hope all works out ok mate.
All our love, Ross n Jen

"mmmmmm....is it worth the hospitalisation to check out tha nurses mate?"

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Seeing as how long it takes for snail email to get from here to tha states I thought I would start a new topic. If I had replied to your topic earlier on nobody would have read my reply!!!...lol!
Why don't all you guys n gals change your time to "my time....10.20pm here now".
Then maybe I could keep up!

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Hi Bob,

I missed your post as well. I'm so sorry to hear about your adhesions. Sending well wishes and many prayers for a speedy and complete recovery!



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