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A Midnight Summers Dream.....

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Joined: Jun 2005

Hi all,

With all the posts about NED and the excitement generated by "him" I find myself thinking of him - I mean "it" often. Last night I had a pretty spicy dream about my husband and guess who showed up? Yup..NED!! A faceless fellow in the shape of a liver but as smoothe as a babys bottom. No "cottage cheese" or moon like sufaces. Who would have thought I'd be dreaming about NED one day?
Well, Byron's scan is on Aug 16th, and once again, I'm hoping NED makes his first appearance in real life - I just KNOW he's gonna show up one of these days!!

Thanks to every one of you who share your good news - you inspire hope for all of us.

..who prays NED shows up in all of your lives (we can share him don't you think?????)

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I understand what you mean about reading all these recent NED stories. Aside from feeling happy for all these NED people, it is also very, very encouraging for the rest of us. I also dream (but only daydream) about a clean liver, since that's the only place that I have cancer remaining.

I wish you and Byron the aboslute best for your upcoming scan ... and of course that means NED.


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You are so brave. The 16 months I was on this board before I first heard the words NED were almost torturous. I envied everyone else, but my family, friends and loved ones never gave up hope for me. Even when I was in the worst places a mind can go, I could still feel those wonderful "outside influences". I now will never be able to thank them enough. No matter what happens to me, it just makes me speechless.

NED is wonderful to hear, but truth be known, now I almost sit and wait for the "other shoe to drop".

All you can do is the best you can do and thank God for every single day. I know that sounds simple but that is really all it boils down to.

As one of the recent NED recipients, I am more humbled about it now then ever. Praise God and live every single day.

Lisa P.

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Keep the chin up Hilary. Did you know that there is a special "cyber" room where your hubby can pull up a leather recliner and join the "neddy family"? Well, those of us fortunate to have kicked some butt are eagerly waiting for more to join us. We wish him all the best..and...."dreams can come true!!"
huggs, kanga n Jen

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