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i need some advices, pls!

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thank u for answering to my message.
if someone can send me an answer to this questions, pls do it: what should eat a person before the colostomy? or after the colostomy? what he can do to feel less pain ? i forgot to mention that he is on chemo right now, and he hasn't done the surgery yet.

thank u , all!

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Hi Andrea~ There is a ton of information on the internet regarding colostomies. Try UOA.org for one. Or even just do a google search.

The pain are you refering to, is it the pain associated with the radiation burns? If so, the things I found to help were multiple baking soda sitz baths throughout the day. Anytime I used the toilet I would hop in the tub for about 20 minutes. That always seemed to "put out the fire". The other huge help was applying aloe vera directly from the plant to the burn. I tried the "100% Aloe" you buy in the bottle in the pharmacy. Man did that burn. And, by the way, it isn't "100%". But when my friend gave me an aloe plant and I used the stuff directly from the leaves I found huge great instant relief. I think I went through two huge plants of the stuff before the burns were well enough to stop.

Good luck. MJay

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hmmm...aloe plant. i may try that idea myself. thanks MJay!

I agree if the pain is from radiation, warm baths help me a lot. However, I also suggest (if it hasn't been done yet) that your boyfriend's father talk to the oncologist about pain management. If he isn't willing to do this, maybe a family member could go with him and bring up the subject. The oncologists deal with this all the time and may have a few suggestions.

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Before colostomy, I ate normally. Before the surgery, I had to have laxatives, etc to clean the bowel -- the doctors/nurses give you instructions before hand. After surgery, food was gradually re-introduced while I was in hospital. When I went home, I was on a high-fibre diet for a little while, but before long was back on my regular diet.
Good luck.

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