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have hpv infection

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I was told that I have HPV. So my doctor did a biopsy on my cervix. She asked me if I thought my husband was cheating on me or if I was ever unfaithful. But then I read that HPV can be dormant for 20 years, so I could of got this from an old boyfriend years ago. I've always had normal pap smears and the last one I took was abnormal and was showing this HPV infection. I've been with my husband for 12 years and I have never been with anyone else. I'm a little nervous about getting results. MY gynecologist said when she went in to do the biopsy, she said my cervix looked good. I've read that cervical cancer is highly curable, I'm hoping its does nto come to that. I'm 41 years old and never thought I could have sexually transmitted disease. Can anyone relate to this. Has anyone got back normal biopsy results after finding HPV virus.

Thanks Val

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Hi Val! From everything I've read about HPV you may very well have had it for a long time. Good news that it hasn't turned to cancer. Take your treatment seriously and you can beat it. I have a close friend who told me she had dysplasia and she took her meds and it worked. She has her Paps done every year to make sure there's nothing new happening. I failed to have a pap in four years and I found out last month that i have cervical cancer. I've had surgery and I'm going for treatment next month. Girl...you are in the early stage...take care of it and don't trip on what your OB/GYN suggested (husband/you cheating..whatever!) Take your meds and get well...this will pass!!

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Hi trcy1! I was told that I had Moderate cervical Dyspl about 5 1/2 years ago, I took some supplements but then got preg with my daughter, so had to stop taking the supplements because the high dose of Vitamin A. I then had my daughter and went back in for my checkup, About a month later I was sent a post card that I needed to call the office ASAP about my tests. I freaked out and never called. It has been 5 years since, and I think that it has gotten worse. I have a Dr. Appointment on the 29th of this month to have another Pap and see what is going on. I read your story and thought, WOW, that could be me. I am a little scared to go, because I have waited sooo long. I expect to hear the word Cancer, but hope for the best. How were your treatments? what kind did you have to have? Did it spread? I would love to hear from you. I am a great sounding board too!

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I was told that I also had HPV after getting a pap smear and I have not been sexually active in nearly 8 years....so you can have it for a very long time and not know it. You could.ve gotten it many years ago, so don't let that cause any harm to your present relationship. Stay positive and best wishes.

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