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Hey Semi-colons!

Today is the start of the Tour de France. Lance is going for his SEVENTH Tour!! WOOHOO!!

We can do this y'all--we can rise to our challenges and come out VICTORIOUS!!

So wear yellow and cheer us ALL on for the ride of our lives. We are ALL winners!!

peace, emily who has been glued to the TV since 7:30am

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Hey Em.

Any updates would be appreciated. My cable company isn't carrying the race. Stupid heads!! :)

Got to love Lance.


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Joined: Dec 2001

hey girl,

Lance got second in the Stage 1 time trials. He blew by Jan with 3 km to go. It was AWESOME!! He lost winning the Stage by 2 seconds, but the Stage was still won by an American boy. There were 3 Americans in the top 4. George Hincapie got 4th I think and then Landis came in 6th but he no longer rides on Lance's team. GO USA!!!

You can log on to OLN.com for updates too I am sure.

Dang there is some nice hinder to watch during the Tour. And the legs.....

ok gotta go hit the road and hammer.

peace, emily who is trying to embrace her inner bike chick due to the size of her thighs! haha

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Mak sure your cycle seat is a skinny pro type; then your two pelvic bones will support you and
leave your thighs in the breeze.

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Posts: 2085
Joined: Dec 2001

hey you!

Did you notice the size of my thighs in that photo I sent you? I had my x-country ski tights on....nothing breezy about those gams! haha

But thanks for the advice. And yes I have the skinny seat and wear padded spandex. :-)

Wish you were out hammering with me bud!!

peace, emily who wouldn't mind hanging with Sheryl Crow either!

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I'll be wearing my spandex, too...

OK 'm being fecicious - I don't own ny spandex... But I will havemy Cheryl Crow pictures handy! Ok... I will rot for Lance. How's that? Fom my perch a sea = Go for the yellow Lance! Does that work? (I'd still rather pull out my Cheryl Crow pictures)

- SB

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Living here in Austin, we all live, love and breath Lance!! I'm wearing my Lance Livestrong Yellow bracelet I received from Scouty. THanks girlfriend!!

Go Lance!


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Thanks Kerry. I have mine on too!!!! Lance did good today. I wish him good health!!!! I get nervous just thinking about the next 3 weeks.

Lisa P.

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Jen and I both wear ours!(thanks to Scouty) In fact we often get asked where they came from and what they are. Secretly tho I have to admit that we do have a soft spot for our ozzie competitors.
Em......I thought your thighs were fine!!!!lol!

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OK. I'm hooked! I was surfing over to OLN during ads last night. Lance does not get to wear the yellow jersey since he did not win the Stage 1 trial. But he was just warming up for the mountains.
Go Lance! My new hero.
Aspaysia, giving out the golden thighs award to just about every one in that race. Whew!
BTW where can I get a lellow braclet? That is how my 15 yo niece pronounces yellow. She knows all her colours. Lellow. Boo. Neen. Ded. Ornch. Poopl.

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Joined: Feb 2004

Asp.........yu want I should go out in tha garage n pour one into my plastcs mould?? jest kiddin.
Emily.....check your emails sweetie.

Now, to digress......Scouty?.....did you get my little gift yet????.....I sent it snail mail via airmail so you should be getting it very soon babe.

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Joined: Dec 2001

I checked and there ain't nothin' from Oz! Wassup?

Hey when did you ever see my thighs??

peace, emily who swoons for a man in spandex

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