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Was just told that I have a Thick Lining

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I posted ealier on the Ovarion thread but I got my tans ultrasound results. The doc called me and said...You have a small cyst on your left ovary, fluid around the ovary probably from a ruptured cyst and a thick uterine lining, normal is 5mm and yours is 10mm. I told him is that what is causing the bloating he said could be. I've gained 10 lbs in less than 2 months and I am an aerobics instructor, I look 5 months prego, and he wants to put me on BC pill and I'm 42 years old. He doesn't seem to be concerned. He said if the BC's don't work we can put you on a diuretic then if that doesn't work maybe a D & C. A freaking Diuretic? I pee about every hour because I feel so much pressure.

Anyone out there experience anything similar? Should I get another opinion? Ugh!

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I had a similiar problem but I had heavy bleeding and very frequent periods also. The doc started me on the pill to see if that would help but it made things worse. The docs need to cover all options and have to start somewhere but it is always a good idea to get a second opinion! Good luck.

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You should see if you can get a color doppler vaginal ultrasound. I had a regular vaginal ultrasound when I started having problems. It showed that I had uterine fibroids like those I had removed when I was 42, but didn't show the ovarian cancer and uterine cancers I had. I went to a seminar in which the doctor said that color doppler is the best type of ultrasound to have when investigating possible cancer. I asked the technician who did a breast ultrasound for me if it was really a special thing-she said no, it was just a matter of using that function on the machine, and a doctor has to order it that way.

Go to another doctor-you don't mention if your doctor is an ob/gyn, but if not, you should start there. You have very legitimate concerns, and there's no use waiting for anything. I was diagnosed with uterine cancer after my ob/gyn took a small sample in her office. The ovarian cancer was not related to the uterine cancer, or to the fibroids, but might not have been found until I had surgery to get to the fibroids. Both cancers were in Stage 1, and that's as "good" as it gets!

Doctors have a way of discounting women's fears about these cancers, if they're under 50, until they're advanced into Stages 3 or more and can be felt with a pelvic exam. I had an ultrasound, a cat scan, and a bunch of other inconclusive tests, but I KNEW something was wrong. My uterine lining was thick, also.

You might want to pick up Fran Drescher's book, "Cancer, Schmancer", and see what she went through trying to find out what was wrong with her. Her doctors just wouldn't listen to her because she was under 40!

I know a number of women who were diagnosed with ovarian cancer in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. There's no age restrictions for gynecologic cancers.

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sorry to be so late getting back with you. I'm 56 and had post menopausil bleeding family practice Dr ha ultrasound done showed thickened lining sent me to OB/GYN he did a scraping it was cancerous had hysterectomy in Nov. o4 wash of the pelvic area was clean so no radiation, but the uterine cancer cells got into my blood and went to my lungs. I followed up with chemo starting in Mar. 05 and ended June of 05 now all spots in lungs are sleeping just trying to keep them that way. I've really been very blessed in all of this . worked through all of my chemo. I agree you probably should seek OB/GYN if don't have one already. you might also like to visit the chat room here they are a very supportive group, sometimes the evenings can be alittle crazy because so busy. Because with cancer often comes insomnia you can find people there almost 24/7 sometimes you might have to wait a few min. for someone to come in but usually not long. It's helpful sometimes to talk to others who have been through the same thing you're going through now. Once again sorry it took me so long to respond hope it's going well for you now or at least have some decisions made. Take Care & God Bless Cathy Doyle (doylec)

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