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Chinese Healing

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My father just been diagnose with stage 4 lung cancer. He refused to take Chemo or radiation. I want him to do this but he refused.
He wants to seek out Chinese traditional medicine. I don't think it will work. But he wants to try it anyway.
Has anyone ever tried this method before? Does it work? Or is he wasting his time? This is a big gamble.

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hi hopeful,

I am actually a colon cancer (stage 3) survivor, but I was tipped off about your thread since I treated my cancer without chemo or radiation. A friend emailed me your post.....

Anyway, I don't know much about lung cancer but I DO know about Chinese Medicine. I took "treatments" for 6 months and I am still alive 3 years and 7 months later being cancer free the whole time!!

I mixed Traditional Chinese Medicine, macrobiotics and juicing for my healing protocol. I cannot tell you which is the one that cured my cancer since I did them all, but I still juice daily and I apply knowledge from the other two in my life even though the "treatments" are over.

I found a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner who did a wonderful job and any question I had that she could not answer she would research until she found out. She was my foundation for healing. She counseled me to begin with so that she would know what points to work on during my acupuncture time. After getting the needles she would then give me a massage or a lymphatic drainage depending on what needed to be done. We did a lot of bodywork besides all the chinese herbs she put me on. She was truly a holistic healer since she covered all bases....mind/body/spirit (I did a lot of praying while I was lying on her table! ) :-)

If you have any specific questions or concerns feel free to email me here at CSN.

All I can say is that Traditional Chinese Medicine is a viable option. Western Medicine does not have the corner on the market for cancer--in fact, in my opinion, Western Med could stand to open themselves up to the Wisdom of the East. I firmly believe that Westerner med lacks a huge part in healing and understanding the mystery of the human body.

Personally, the chemo scared me much more than the cancer--I watched my grandfather take chemo/radiation and die, my aunt take chemo and radiation and die and my 33 year old sister take chemo and radiation and die (5 months after giving birth to a beautiful baby girl). When i got my diagnosis in '01 I decided that I was going to have a different outcome based on a different approach.

I give your father a lot of credit for even being open to alternatives!! There is SO much out there. And it is NOT all snake oil like the pharmaceutical megamonoplies would like you to believe. :-)

hope this helps.

peace, emily who highly recommends TCM!!

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Who did you use for your alternative cancer treatment. I have Lung Cancer and have been on conventional treatment that almost killed me (Tarceva). I developed lung issues and was in the hospital with ARDS for two weeks they didn't think I would come off the ventolator. I am recovering and hope my lungs heal. I am now on Alimta and if it does not work I will seek out alternative treatments. I see a website http://www.cancernet.com/ Dr Arnold Smith that does Immunotheropy that looks interesting. I am confused which way to go. Anyone have anything to offer ?

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