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Stage 3b lung cancer

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I have stage 3b lung cancer and would like to hear from someone who has lived through it. I have had all the chemo and radiation. Would love to talk to someone in the same boat. Thanks Howard.

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Dear Howard,
I don't have any "wisdom" to offer, just wanted to say that I'm new to this site and you are in my positive thoughts and well wishes.

Peace to you,

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Hi there Unclehoward
I was diagnosed on 11/04 with inoperable tumor.
About 50+ radiation treatments and eight chemos, the good news : it has shrunk over 90% more than anybody expected.
The biggest side-effect is the esophagitis which has plagued me from the seventh week on has made life difficult, it is difficult to swallow stuff even with the codeine and lydocayne mouthwash.
The oncologist gave me one more of two chemo treatments for follow-up and the blood cell counts went pretty low, but we seem to be fixing it with Procrit and neuphogen injections.
Hang in there and keep fighting, I get tired some days but I am happy to wake up every morning and see the sunshine, truly a gift

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I have stage 3b lung cancer and am told that carrot juice will cure it. Has anyone ever heard this? I have had chemo and radiation and now they want to put me on a new drug called tarceva. Any conversation will help.

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Hi Unclehoward,
I survived stage IV nsclc, and I can relate to the problems with the esophagus, caused by the radiation treatments. I was hospitalized twice, for a total of 3 weeks. I also suffered a paralyzed vocal cord, which was corrected by a relatively simple surgical procedure. To make a long story short, - My tumor was reduced by 75%, and surgery took care of the rest. I'm 3 1/2 years out from sugery, and I'm still cancer free. Easy for me to say, - but hang in there, it sounds like you're on your way to beating this. As for the carrot juice, I think that whoever told you that was confused. Carrot juice is good for your eyesight. Have you ever seen a rabbit with glasses? Seriously, stick with the oncologists, - they're good at what they do. Best wishes and prayers to you.

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i think i know a little about the carrot juice. my dad had lung cancer and i looked up so many different alternative cures for him. carrot juice is suppose to be very good for people with lung cancer but only and i stress only if they dont smoke. smoking and carrot juice can make cancer worse. beetroot juice is very good otherwise. if you do a search on google for carrot juice and cancer or beetroot juice and cancer you will see.


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Hi Howard, I don't often come to this site. Over 6 years ago I had stage IV lung cancer. Had a lobectomy, chemo and radiation. Never stop looking forward. Here I am, against all odds and since I finished radiation 6 years ago have never had a recurrence. Listen to your doctor, get your checkups and go on with life. We are among the lucky ones!!!!!! Karen 62 years old, married 4 granddaughters.

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