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small cell in colon

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I am trying to find anyone that knows anything about this type of cancer. My 29yr old brother was diagnosed with small cell carinoma in the colon in Jan2005, the onc told us it was very rare. He has had 2 session of chemo. He is in horrible pain. If anyone knows anything about this, please let me know!!.
Thank you,

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Hi Maria.

Sorry about your brother. Unfortunately, I do not know anything about his cancer.

Just wanted to wish you well and tell you we are here for you and your brother.

You could do a web search for small cell carcinoma for the colon. Just remember, that every person is a unique case. We all respond to different treatments our own way. So read for information, don't form any conclusions.

Stay strong. Be there for your brother. Advocate for him. Hold his hand. Tell him a joke. That means a lot to us going thru cancer treatments.

Best to you and your brother.


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Hi Barb,
Thank you for your response. I am continually researching, calling and speaking to everyone about this cancer, the American Cancer Society, Rare disorder Institute, John Hopkins, Norris Institute at USC. No one can tell me anything, but I will continue to search. My brother lives with us (husband,daughter,myself) and he is our #1 concern. We love the Lord, and we know all things are possible with him. If you hear anything, please let me know.

Thank you again for your concern!!

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Dear Maria,

How blessed your brother is to have such a loving family. Continue to be his advocate and search for answers. I am unaware of this type of cancer, but hopefully, someone here can help. Just remember, there is no cancer that someone has not survived.

You and your brother will be in my prayers. Keep us posted on how he is doing.



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Thank you Kay......

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You are unfortunate in having come across a very rare type of cancer which leads to frustration in dealing with it because so little info exists about it. Knowledge is vital to feeling empowered and in control in battling an illness and when it isn't available it can be very frustrating.
My own knowledge of this condition (as a doc now working in mental health and a cancer survivor)is limited - small cell cancers are more common in the lung but can occur in the bowel. Some are linked to inflamatory bowel disease but most occur randomly. They can be quite aggressive and so active and vigorous treatment is needded. Prognosis is very difficult as there is such limited experience of treating them.

There is a good article on teh web with some good references whihc you may be able to chase- it is a case report and written in medical jargon so if you have any questions from it do come bcak and ask or emial me. The reference is http://www.sma.org/smj/96sept16.htm

this is a difficult time for all so do feel free to come back for general support and advise- wlthough no one here I know of has the exact same cancer we are all in similar predicaments and can empathise with your situation. Tehre are many here who can offer great advise in generally coping with this situation and it can be very useful for carers and survivors alike.

I hope this is helpful,

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Hiya Maria. I too am unable to shed any light. I can however tell you that no matter how bad things get or how depressing this becomes, you have a "family" here to support you. It has been said many times here that carers and family probably have a the hardest time dealing with cancer. Cancer patients have the difficulty of trying to come to terms with their ilness while carers and family suffer the trauma(it is trauma) in a very different way. As a carer you suffer the emotional effect of a loved one being put thru all sorts of tests and possibly surgery/chemo/radiotherapy.
You and your family are to be commended for seeking out all the possible information you can get. Keep searching and asking questions because it will help you to understand the many ways you can support your brother. At the same time do not let this overwhelm you to the stage that it affects you physically. Your brother will need every bit of support you can muster...but you must retain your own health to be able to do that.
Look after yourself Maria,
our love and prayers, kanga n Jen

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Thank you Kanga n Jen, I really appreciate all your support and prayers.

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Thank you Steve for the info. That site was very infomative. I don't understand all of it, but I think I got the just of it. Should I ask the onc if Jesper has ulcerative colitis?. Is it telling me survival doesn't look good? If you can help, I would appreciate it. Are you cancer free?

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